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The moral and ethical concerns of feeding our pets processed, packaged and often meat diets are rather weighty. If we ourselves feel that it is wrong and unhealthy to eat meat, to contribute to farming/slavery and the inhumane treatment of animals, then should we not include our Animal Kin under our house rules? If you are not Vegan, yet you care for animals, health, peace, love and a beautiful planet for all life and beyond then please have a look at the Becoming-Vegan-pamphlet.

Love and Unity embrace all life, “love removes fear and savageryVegetarian Lioness: Little Tyke. Animals that eat meat are predatory, they generally can be more aggressive in nature and territory, so it is interesting to notice when our pets are fed vegetarian/vegan diets that they become more peaceful, harmonious with other animals, they lose the fight/flight mechanism and instead are more happy and easy going. I have noticed this with my dogs, after a vegetarian meal they tend to play more in a less competitive way, they are better natured to eachother.

Many people feel that Dogs and cats are carnivores, but more aptly they are omnivores who eat what is available. If a vegan/vegetarian diet could feed and nourish our pets then why feed them dead animals.. For some compelling research into Vegetarian/Vegan dogs have a look at the PDF Dog_Health_Survey. Most pets get used to their diet, the tastes become habitual so it can take time to adjust your pets tastes buds to different foods. Also see Dog_Nutrition for some excellent info. In the Wild, dogs scavenge and will eat all sorts of things that we humans would find at times disgusting, but pet dogs are far from wild, so replicating a diet that is Wild is difficult, but we can replicate a healthy diet.

Like the human Vegan diet we need to understand the nutrition and complexity requirements, the balance and amounts our pets need. “Being a responsible guardian for any animal means making an effort to ensure that your animal’s diet is nutritionally complete, just as you would for yourself. The best thing you can do is to continue to keep yourself informed, as there is new research being released all the time. To feel secure in your decisions, we suggest that you do some personal research as to the nutritional requirements of your dog’s specific breed. But also know that it is easy to feed dogs vegan. Even dogs who turn their noses up at vegan food when it is initially offered, will change their mind the next day when they get hungry! And within days, they eat with gusto, like they never were carnivorous! (one of the best sources I have found regarding dog and cat health through a Vegan diet)

No dog who had been vegan for more than five years and no dog who had been vegetarian for more than 5.5 years had cancer.” “veganism is more beneficial than vegetarianismDog_Health_Survey.

The fact is that ALL essential nutrients required in the dog’s diet can be met without any animal products whatsoever. Every single essential amino acid, fatty acid, carbohydrate (for energy), vitamin, and mineral can be provided quite adequately in a vegan diet in sufficient quantity and in reasonably bioavailable form for them to thrive.” (Vegan Dogs). Download the free E-Book from

One might consider that you can buy Certified humane meat for your animal Kin, but as  Rose von Vegan points out “I wonder if I can also get some certified humane human flesh for my dog, since he is always trying to bite the postman… bless him!” So despite the option of a “humane” meat alternative we are still contributing to death, torture, control, and greed. And like humans there are other alternatives, other food sources that are more healthy, more sustainable, gentle, loving and environmentally sensitive.

We feed him a varied diet with the seasons and add or substitute lots of things but the staple diet for our dog is 14 large bananas, a head of lettuce and 2 tablespoons of ground sesame seeds. This gives him 17 grams of fat and 30 grams of protein. This varies day to day but this basic recipe covers his caloric needs and fat and protein needs. ednshell

Like any change in diet/lifestyle it takes time to master the WAY, but once you have worked out the correct path for your pet it will be a very rewarding experience for you and your animal Kin. Feeding our pets with vegetables and fruits we contribute to the solution towards a more peaceful and caring humanity, and our animals will be rewarded with abundant health and vitality. Please read through the links, they are loaded with detailed research and information and will set you off into a direction that will be very fulfilling for all.


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