Raw Food Forest Part 2 – Soil

The creation of a Food Forest rests in the creation and rehabilitation of healthy soil. Much of the Earth’s top soil has been destroyed through intensive industrial mono-culture agriculture, farming animals, burning, erosion, human habitat domination and control etc. Top soil is critical to life as we know it, a critical ingredient towards our health and well-being, and critical to the health and well-being of most creatures on the planet let alone the life of forests and ecosystems.

“The Earth is covered with an average of only three feet of topsoil, the layer of dirt that provides the nutrients for most of the planet’s land vegetation, and is critical for producing food from agriculture. Healthy topsoil is a home to billions of beneficial microorganisms per handful, in addition to nutrients, fungi and worms that are critical to healthy plant life. But it forms very slowly, at a rate of only an inch or two per several hundred years. And around the world, topsoil is vanishing much faster than it forms.” Vanishing Topsoil Threatens Sustainability of Human Life on Earth

The building of new topsoil depends on us, and our future depends on building new topsoil.Creating topsoil

It is a sad reality that much of the Earths soils are depleted, poisoned or cemented over, but it within our capabilities and responsibilities as Earth stewards, as humanKIND to remedy the situation, and we can! There are various ways to revitalize and re-mineralize soils, to make them fluffy and full of microbial life, worms, moisture and air. One of the best places to learn about this process is http://remineralize.org/

Choosing your Tribe carefully is key to living in peace and harmony, to live aligned with integrity and honesty, in health and well-being, in peace, in care for all life. Much of modern society is sick, a consuming and parasitic organism that is in the inevitable stages of self induced dysfunctional demise and death. The creation of a Food Forest Eco-System is an empowered way to take back control of our essential nature, our quintessential essence as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. A food forest Eco-System enables us to grow our own food, building materials, create homes and habitat, medicines, art and sanctuary for future generations.

It all begins with the Earth, getting our hands, feet and bodies dirty, in the Sunshine connecting with the intelligent life-force and energy of Universal knowing and wisdom. SunLight is information, intelligent information, loving, all pervading and available to us all, when we eat Raw Organic Fresh Whole Live food our bodies are naturally drawn to Sunlight and being bathed in it. Sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing, man-made habitats and cars all separate us from intelligent information and the wisdom of love and infinite knowledge and health, they create dis-ease and dependance on ill-usion, on a society that is built to control and trick, a society that is sick. The choice is yours, so choose carefully and choose heARTfully, your Tribe is awaiting your return.

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