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Autumn has arrived here at OneSong, one of the most beautiful times of the year, where there is balance and peace in the air and a slowing down as we head towards Winter. It is a time of change when energies and frequencies, health and wellbeing need attention and refinement, fresh plans and decisions made. We are the living seeds of change and growth, the New Humanity, so lets create the paradise our great great grandchildren will call home.

Injoy the Autumn Gallery below 🙂 Some of the scenes we are greeted to each day. It’s not about what we have, not about what we can take, where we can go next, it’s about what we can give, what we can create, what we can leave those who walk behind us.

OneSong has been open to having WWOOFers, but we are moving further and beyond this avenue towards Internships. If your interested in Permaculture, Organic life, Vegan, Raw Food, Health and Wellness, Wilderness, Horses and Animal Whispering, Peace, Sustainability and Tribe then check out the new page Internships. Not only will you learn many valuable life skills, experience deep peace and abundant health, contribute to deep Earth healing, you will have the opportunity after the Internship to join us here at Onesong as Kin. This life changing experience will fast track those wanting to integrate living a purposeful life with the skills required to heal and nurture yourself, others, nature, ecosystems and Humanity. A deeply rewarding experience full of surprises, your vitality and fitness will go through the roof, you will learn to break through your boundaries and fears and confront them, making them your alleys.

These are critical times, the fence sitters are not contributing to the world peace, paradise and sanctuary we all deserve and require, it’s time for action, to contribute, to break down the systems that inhibit life and compassion for all. It’s time to get busy being the way, living the way, to inspire those around us, to dissolve and heal the past as we breathe in and love the now. It is really interesting to feel the changes within from eating a Vegan diet, knowing my body is being nourished ethically and morally, I’m so much more energetically centered and empowered and can really only say with deep honesty that you will only understand this way of life by jumping in and being really committed to the 3 principles of HEE (Health, Environment and Ethics).

HEE is of paramount importance to the Vegan lifestyle that so often can be confused with selfish wants and desires to simply be healthy and good looking. There are far too many who see being Vegan and eating a fruit based diet as a reason to escape and head for so called “paradise” in Thailand or Costa Rica. Why not you say, the fruit and veggies are cheap the climate is ideal and life would be so much more beautiful. Well why not create paradise where you live, why not create micro-climates, rehabilitate the living ecosystems that once lived where you live now? Why head off to another country that has loads of fruit and vegetables that were grown by generations of caring people, exploiting them for their cheap food and accommodation. Its far too easy to go to paradise and take, yet it is far more rewarding, giving and empowering to create paradise where there once was desert and suffering, corporation and mono-culture, to rehabilitate, invigorate and love. Creating a permaculture style food forest is the work of a Master Artist working within a living canvas, and requires the dedication and stamina of Monk crossed with an Athlete. Is it not time that you dedicated your life and purpose to something beyond money and entertainment?

Some inspiration towards being the change ~ Watch Anima! “The film examines our relationships with ourselves, others and the environment around us. Other themes include our creativity and our power as individuals and as a collective to manifest our own reality.”

If your after more visual stimulation and rewiring then have a look at the wonderful collection of movies at A great collection of films to inspire those who eat animals to give up their addiction, share with your friends and family who are still contributing to the atrocities of pain and suffering, greed and selfish consumption. If you care about life then be whole, care about animals just as you care about your Ego.


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