Sacred Earth

It would seem to most people that fruit, vegetables, herbs, plants, trees etc are all just a part of life, part of our diet, health and happiness, yet many of these natural living organisms are deemed illegal, and those that choose to incorporate them into their lives are deemed criminals. “When injustice is the law, revolt becomes the way” as many have suggested, why should we just accept laws that control and dominate, persecute and incarcerate, why should we blindly accept corporations and governments that choose war, greed, chemical pollution, environmental degradation, rape & pillage, media brainwashing, control and manipulation? When we say nothing, when we conform to immoral and unethical laws and controls made by corporation and government we allow injustice, suffering and chaos to rein and fester.. It’s time to speak up!

The Nimbin Mardigrass is one event that speaks up for law reform, justice, equality, peace, sovereignty, community and unity.

A protest gathering that illuminates the incredible and outlandish controls and manipulations used by so called authorities to separate and dominate cultures and individuals, to create sleeples who willingly conform through fear to a system that is dis-empowering and idiotic. The major focus of the event is Cannabis, a revered and sacred plant that has benefited humanity for thousands of years, yet today depending on where you live, Cannabis like certain mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, herbs and flowers is deemed illegal and criminal. Many lives and families have been destroyed as a result of the “War on Drugs” as the political authorities have termed it, yet it’s legal to drink alcohol (a drug that has killed more people than just about any other), smoke cigarettes full of toxic substances made by chemical laboratories and corporations. It’s legal to mutilate and rape the earth through industrial agriculture, mining and fishing, destroying entire ecosystems, families, tribes, cultures and species, contributing to the ever growing extinction crisis.. It’s legal to watch TV (the most powerful drug the modern world has created), legal to make slaves of animals to torture them, murder them, eat them, but it’s illegal apparently to pick certain herbs from the wilderness that heal, relax and make you smile..

This topic can spiral on and on for eternity, but why should it, the injustice of a corrupt war mongering global few deserve to fall now, and our time and energy put towards constructive ways of being and living. So lets not get bogged down in the false matrix, lets put our thoughts and energies towards what we want, what is beneficial for all. When we remember that all life is sacred and deserves nurture and care, reverence and peace in tribe and family we open ourselves up to events, people, places, ideas and visions that are real, built upon the Lores and Laws of Universal Being. The gates and portals are now open, humanity is moving towards Galactic Citizenship, where the suppressed mysteries and histories of humanity are being revealed and we are realizing that we are not alone in the Universe. We are part of a vast and incredible universe, access is available and coded in our DNA, our consciousness, the main unifying ingredient being love.

While the tyranny of control and domination fall don’t allow yourself to fall with it, harmonize with like-minded souls, find a habitat that suits your essence and being that nurtures your health and happiness. Remember that clean pure air, water and food are your birthright, you deserve tranquility, nature, ecosystem and peace, and it’s all there waiting for you. 4 years ago I decided that my life in the suburbs near the beach was not habitable anymore, the ocean was polluted, the roads choked with pollution and greed, so I moved into the wilderness where the essentials of life still remained and I could maintain and regenerate further this patch of Earth. It took courage to leave friends, habits, entertainments, and comforts, however what replaced them all was a way of life that was much more fulfilling and active towards creating and living in harmony with nature and humanity. Rather than Occupying the Streets in demonstration of what you don’t want, Occupy the Sacred Earth that you do want, give your time and energy towards projects and places that need love and nurture, fill your soul with passion and lust for life, contribute to healing ecosystems and communities by being the way, by being active..

For those interested in learning more about sacred plants visit Way of the Wild Rose, where you will find a rich resource of information about consciousness and reality within the web of humanity and infinity.. “The greatest secret that you are not meant to know, because it would literally change the world is that there is only one consciousness and we are all part of it. And when I say we I do not mean just the human race, I mean all living beings, including animals and plants and of course extra-terrestrial life as well. We are connected in the web of consciousness and the web of life. Everything fits together in nature, every little thing has its place and its purpose. The creation is perfect and cannot be improved upon, for what can you do to outdo perfection? We are here to enjoy this symphony of life and to tend the garden of which we are keepers and stewards, not owners. To do it right we need to understand the interconnectedness of all life, not just with our logical minds, but in our hearts and souls.”



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