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Seeding the Rainbow is one part of the process of creating a Food Forest, there are many parts that make up the whole, many seeds that make up a sustainable and vibrant forest ecosystem. Seed management and care are pivotal ingredients in the continuation and co-creation of life here on Earth. Sadly most seed has been co-modified and controlled, companies and governments attempting to own the very essentials that are our birth rights, clean air, water, food, habitat.. However when we realise this we have the freewill to choose another way, we have the power to change what is, to create what can be ~ Take Action!

The video below Seed is Part 3 in my Raw Food Forest series, it touches lightly upon the essence of seed, it’s multidimensional nature and it’s critical importance towards humanity and all life. I hope you get inspired to nurture, preserve and share your sacred garden seeds, a very potent way to combat the tyranny of corporation and greed, to occupy and share what we do want.

Now lets take the Seed and it’s essence a little further off the traditional treadmill of reality.  To suppose that earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow.” Metrodorus of Chios 4th century B.C….. Seeds represent infinity, when we align with this energy we resonate with frequencies that are higher in the dimensional octave than 3D reality and life, we expand our perceptions and realizations. Holographic in nature Seeds just like Crop circles radiate geometric codes and energies that depict and inspire life and universal appreciation and affinity. It’s not too difficult to see in the image above the potential of Seed, planted, nurtured and shared, one seed can create and foster so much life. A clarion call to love and growth, Crop Circles and Seeds are sacred and infused with light in-formation, geometric codes of divine intricacy, they help remind us that we humans are expansive beyond linear measure, multidimensional and fluid, infinite beyond boundaries and beliefs, dogmas and programmes.

The macro is perfectly represented in the micro, when we care for seed and unite as one with seed we become one with Universal Law and intelligence. Seeds are the perfect gateway to creating the Earth and Humanity many of us dream, an abundant, vibrant kaleidoscope of life and colour, rich in diversity, encased in deep peace and transcendent opportunity.

“Cultivate the light touch. Develop a sense of humor. Learn to light up a room with joy when you enter. Accept the challenge of our chaotic and dangerous word with a sense of adventure, of gratitude that our time is now.”  Elizabeth Watson

For more info on Sacred geometry, platonic solids and the foundations that create our reality have a look here Seeds and Re-Seeding the Earth around us is a beautiful Art and Act, there are few better feelings than standing in old forest that our ancestors planted and nurtured ~ Be that ancestor now!. Plant seeds and nurture life that will nurture 7 generations and beyond 😉

The Tao of seed………………………………………….

  • Love ~ Be love, work from your heart center your intuition and care for all life
  • Organic Heirloom ~ Choose seed that is natural, healthy, vibrant and open pollinated
  • Unity ~ We are all one, share your seed with nature and humans alike
  • Priority ~ Make seed one of your most valued and treasured skills and gifts
  • Earth Warrior ~ Enter the 5th Dimension of love and balance, heal yourself through gardening and healing the Earth, be a powerful and graceful Seed of Light

All it takes is Dedication to Co-Creation. Planting seeds that will one day become magnificent and beautiful trees within a forest ecosystem is a living art form, a practice and way, a daily ritual, a gift. Blessings and Blissings to all Earth healers and those to be, deep gratitude and love to all those who have done so in the past, and a contented appreciation for what is.

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