Seeding the rainbow

Let’s get down and dirty, or shall I say down and Earthy to discover the macro within the micro, the universe within the seed, the seed within the universe..

Have you ever stopped to comprehend the vastness and complexity of a seed? Many of us have gazed skyward to the stars, dreaming of the magic above the possibilities of infinity, the twinkle of planetary star systems, beings of light & love, worlds full of creatures and energies, colours and landscapes we have not seen/felt here on Earth.. But have you looked within a flower to comprehend the universe within it’s infinity? Within most flowers lie the potential for seed, for life and essentially a micro version of a Galaxy, a Star. No need to gaze skyward to understand the Universe, look within, hold some seeds in your hand, meditate on their energy, feel them, hear them, what do they need, what power lies in your grasp, what responsibility do you hold? The corn above known as ‘Glass Gem’ is a beautiful example of carefully saved heirloom seed, it almost looks like a Frankenstein GMO Mosanto version, but guess where Monsanto has gotten many of it’s ideas from ~ Seed is the source of life

To create a Food forest we need many ingredients, and in the second video of my Raw Food Forest videos Raw Food Forest Part 2 – Soil I spoke about soil. Once we have a home for the seed in healthy soil we can look towards co-creating life and our Food Forest. Within Seed lies a deep power and connection that we can tap into and share, we find the Universe within, the essence of life and being.

A few days ago I was contemplating Seed and life, purpose and path, and it dawned on me the importance of Seed in my life, how crucial it was, how much attention needs to be devoted towards Seed. I realised that there are far few things more important than saving and preserving Seed and through seed we get back to abundance. You see we have all been conditioned into a program of fear and lack, scarcity and competition, yet the Universe is a dynamic and abundant thriving system, life essentially is infinite, lack and the idea that only a few people and groups at the top of the pyramid can have abundance is absurd. It all depends on our perspective, so when I was contemplating Seed, I realised many things, none more important than sharing Seeds..

When we share seeds we have abundance, we understand the life cycle of Seed, plant, flower, seasons, food and health. The ideas presented in the Ringing Cedar Series by Anastasia constantly remind us of the need to love and nurture Seed in our Space of Love. Not only is it important to do this we need to realise the significance in spreading and sharing  Seed. So I am in the process of setting up a platform to enable this process to happen, to connect with like minds information on gardening, growing, seed saving, sharing resources, information and seed. The idea is simple, when the whole world is once again a Space of Love then we will know peace, we will be peace within a bubble of love, and this very idea can happen when we return to the garden, our tribe, growing our own nourishing food, medicine, fragrances, creating ecosystems and sanctuaries. When the corporations fall, the political dictatorships crumble, and the forests and natural habitats of ecological abundance return we as a collective humanity will enter the much anticipated Golden Age, the age of Aquarius.. It all starts now, from within your very own seed that carries your life and your Tribes.

Corporations are trying to control the worlds seed, they are are trying to pollute the genetic diversity of seed through technologies like the Terminator Gene, GMO’s, chemicals and political alliances that deem incredible feats like making it illegal to grow your own food, save and share seed.. These corporations are attempting to rule our food supply, to comodify and own nature just as they attempt to own humans as slaves. However we do have the power to prevent these atrocities, to nurture nature and preserve ecological diversity, the key is to Stand Tall within the vision and knowledge that Seed like life is sacred, by being the way, being the example and not participating in foods, seeds and lifestyle choices that contribute to degradation and slavery. It’s a massive topic to write about so lets not get bogged down with it, lets instead devote our time and energy to what we want to create and occupy and that is a bubble of love. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t..

Anyone interested in helping create a website dedicated to Seed and sharing Seed then please do contact me ASAP. If your wanting to share seed with me, or your simply after some seeds grown with love then please do connect also. Our Seed sanctuary known as ‘Rainbow River Seeds’ is coming along well and we now have quite a selection of herbs, fruits and veggies available, all grown with love and care, using Cosmic Organic practices that ensure the Seed is viable and healthy. The website with our seed collection and ways to share, trade and buy is in the process of manifestation..

Get a hold of some resources like the Seed Savers handbook to help you jump into Seeding, then get out there and plant away.. Meditate with some seeds, hold them in your hands and allow them to speak. Actively partake in Zen State gardening, really feel your connection to the seed. Plant up your backyard, your street, neighborhood, community, partake in Guerrilla Gardening, the Earth is a canvas of love and beauty if you so choose to see it that way.

The 3rd Video in my Raw Food Forest series is ~~ “Seed”.. It’s still in the making so stay tuned, I will expand on this topic in another post, we have only watered the seeds.. Tune into the Venus Transit and Full Moon eclipse, we are moving quickly towards some massive global changes, the key here is balance, unity within, unity within all, harmony within diversity, peace….

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