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Winter is flowing along nicely here at OneSong, we are experiencing the perfect amount of rain, lots of Sun and nightly temperatures that are not too cold and frosty, and daily moments of joy and intrigue.. There seems to a beautiful balance flowering amidst the seemingly harsh polarity of Winter/Cold/Darkness where nature and human are finding their mutual bond within unity and collaboration, a Space of Love that is sanctuary. This leads me dear reader to the horse and their powerful grounding connection so critical in unifying the Electrical Cosmic energies with the Magnetic Terrestrial energies, the cross hairs of balance and harmony. Our horses are sharing the essence of life and love, they are awakening us to multidimensionality, to freedom and infinity, bonding harmony and tribe, being the way, the Tao, and we are listening and sharing their important message..

The image gallery below showcases some of our special moments in Tribe. All images were beautifully taken by Jen who is becoming ever more awakened to her deep love for horses, dogs and all living beings, while realizing and expressing her creative talents and divine purpose as a true and authentic leader and communicator. Jen is bridging worlds and through the images below you can clearly see and feel the energy of horse and wilderness captured and distilled. It is true, nature really is our greatest teacher and guide, there is no religion, book or guru that can give us what nature can, so dive in and enjoy!

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time…. But if you have come because your liberation is bound with mine, then let us work together” Anonymous Aboriginal woman

horse and garden

[img src=]4250Energy
[img src=]110Big Sun
[img src=]80Sunlight Love
[img src=]80Kaaleb communication
[img src=]50Sunrise Magic Light
[img src=]40Looking back home
[img src=]40Rongo
Our Beautiful new tribe member
[img src=]40Rainbow Lori
[img src=]50Horse fun
[img src=]60Horse freedom
[img src=]40Rongo
Tahitian for "God of rain and fertility"
[img src=]50Light horse
[img src=]60Trace-zen-dance
[img src=]40Freedom
[img src=]60Family
[img src=]40Passage
[img src=]20Life in joy
[img src=]20Magical moments
[img src=]30The Wild herd
[img src=]20Two Tribes meeting
[img src=]40Outward bound
[img src=]50Onesong
[img src=]50Exploration
[img src=]40Walabout
[img src=]40Kaaleb

Not many people would see the connection between horse and garden, yet horses garden daily, they are gardeners, and they are divinely connected to Spirit to Universal Being and the slim dividing polarity between the physical world and the invisible. It is this connection and balance that our horses have been sharing with us, an all encompassing journey that bridges worlds, co-creates harmony, unity, authenticity, freedom, tribe, peace, sustainability and our Space of Love. Gardening is such a wonderful and invigorating way of life, healing ourselves while we heal Eco-systems, chopping wood, picking up manure and carrying water, the masters art living inlightenment in the 3D realm. Horses provide manure which goes towards compost nourishing and feeding our food crops and the Eco-systems that surround and ground us. They keep the grass mowed and love very short soft clover reducing our dependance on fossil fuels, helping to prevent the dangers of fires & there is no better transport than the horse.

Beyond this horses stabilize the energy of the land, they ground Spirit energy and contribute towards our sanctuary and Space of Love, creating a container for harmonious community to blossom, a safe zone.. Because the life in garden during winter is slower we have had more time to spend with the horses, to realise their essence and their importance to contribute towards authentic relations and harmony within the whole. Horses have always had the capacity to share the infinite with humans, they have always had immense healing capabilities that can transform human sickness and dysfunction, pains and sufferings, traumas and delusions, yet most humans are far too self centered, busy and domineering to fathom and appreciate their gifts.

It has been said that throughout the history of humanity where there are human footprints there are also the footprints of horses, they have carried us, guided us and united us. Yet much of humanity fell under the spell and guise of control and deceit creating a void that was far to Yang, far too aggressive and mechanical, linear and separate, creating war, greed, manipulation and societies of slavery and sleeples. Yet today the true essence of Equus is being revealed by those that care, those with compassion to hear and share the wisdom and love that horses have to share with us, and rather than using them, they are creating pathways for us to fly with them, reconnecting humans to nature, simplicity, sensitivity, clairsentience and collaboration rather than fear and intimidation. These essential qualities are part of Cosmic Gardening, they are part of the whole that unites humans with the sacred adventure that is life and tribe, and it is these qualities that are so dearly missing in mainstream monoculture, in conventional Organic farming and even in Permaculture. The simple adage “we do not eat our friends” comes to mind, we love our friends and family, the wise sage realizes we are all one, we are one tribe sharing this canvas of life that deserves and yearns for equality amongst all races and all sentient beings, all life!

Nurturing our seeds, our plants, our friends and family and our tribe are all essential elements towards the New Humanity that is growing stronger by the day. Horses are living examples of triumph through and beyond pain and suffering, they embody forgiveness and compassion beyond their collective trauma inflicted by the human race, gently awaiting their time to flower, to re-connect, to love.. This energy is something we all need to value, to forgive those that have hurt us, to give, rather than take, to be humble and gentle and to walk our talk, to embody our light being, our true and ultimate nature that is beyond the confines of society and mass brainwashing. I hope the images gallery above inspires you to re-connect multidimensionally with your animal kin, with natures animal kin, to see and feel the peace within diversity, to joyfully embrace all life. Essentially all is frequency and as my Cosmic Brother Yellow Star would say “what would love do with me, through me, as me now“, choose to feel and emit frequency that is beneficial to all, for the highest good of all, to uplift and nurture all.

If your interested in exploring your true potential, in expanding your Tao and want to visit us then a OneSong Innership may be what your looking for. The journey to authentic power and grace is within us all, horses have an innate cosmic connection that can transform and realign any person ready to feel their truth, their emotions, their purpose and destiny. We invite you to dive deep into your dreams, to live your dreams to contribute to paradise and freedom for all… Inlakesh

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