Sacred Activism

Winter is nearing it’s end here at OneSong, the mountain winds are roaring, the days heating up, and soon the rain will fall. It has been a beautiful time over the past few Moonths, loads of work and co-creation, and loads of Rainbow SunShine 😉

The video below captures some of the beautiful moments here at OneSong and in our backyard over the past couple Moonths. The theme here here is sanctuary in tribe, caring for eachother, having empathy, trust, passion and commitment to seeing things through. Following our dreams and life purpose with care and compassion for others, we see and feel life around us expand, our perceptions open the pathways and doors to unexpected joys and adventures, interactions that are progressive and liberating.

When we are truly on path we feel passionate and enthusiastic, we eat light and bright, fresh raw fruits and vegetables, we sing, hear and feel the bird song, we become the wind and we voice our truth. We are, weather we realise it or not, in a very deep and powerful cycle that encompasses ALL, the whole.. It is not just a planetary and galactic coming of age, it is universal, yet it is personal, intricate and minute, beyond what we understand as cells and DNA, we are all experiencing transcendent change deep within and out. Many of us are feeling these changes through chaos, pain, betrayal, sadness, loss, difficulty and helplessness, yet many of us are feeling lighter and brighter, more intuitive, more intelligent, free, and open to possibilities that are beautiful and out of the box. Like cells splitting, this time/space is splitting, duality is polarizing/harmonizing, we really need to be vigilant in our choices, to understand unity and karma, the wheel of life and flow, to choose love or fear.

Drunvalo describes this time/space very well in the following passage. “On planets in this galaxy, normally the geomagnetic fields first begin to weaken and then become erratic, the civilization on the planet begins to break down and finally the last phase is entered. The final phase lasts usually no more than two years but nearly always at least three months. In this phase the civilization begins to dissolve, and it becomes extremely dangerous just to be alive. All the systems that keep civilization in place disintegrate and chaos rules. This is the period that most religions, such as the Mormon religion, have prepared for. It is the period when we are still on Earth in the third dimension before we actually make the transition into the fourth dimension. Then there is a period of five or six hours before the dimensional shift begins. This is a very strangetime, when the fourth dimension begins to leak into the third dimension. It really helps to know this is coming. When the shift actually begins, there will be no doubt. There are specific changes of color and form that are outside of most human consciousness. From this point forward, we have left the Earth’s third dimension.Usually the axis of the planet will shift at this time, but we will not know it because we will literally be in a new space-time dimension. There are always other possibilities for how this might happen, but this is the normal course. Passing through the Void, we will enter into the Earth’s fourth dimension. Life will be altered dramatically. Ascension, resurrection and final death will all take place before this phase. Birth into the new world will have begun.

It seems that there will be no internet… anything ‘synthetic’ will break down. You ask, what can we do here on Earth that will prepare us for this experience of the higher worlds? It’s definitely not collecting food and making a hole, in the ground or anything else like that. Not that this is wrong action, only that physical preparation has its limits. In heaven, in the higher worlds, you are what you create. It is true here too, but most of us don’t know it. From the fourth dimension on, it becomes obvious. Since we are what we create, then it becomes important and necessary that our emissions are in harmony with all life everywhere. We come to understand that everything we think, feel and do creates the world we must live in. Therefore, ordinary life here on Earth can be seen as a school, a place where each moment of life gives us lessons that can be directly translated into the next world.” Drunvalo
Tune into your divine path, participate in those activities that are harmonious and for the highest benefit of all, walk the path of Sacred Activism. Share & Radiate truth and care for all, stand tall to the injustices around you, be the voice that the animals and nature around you cannot express. As an example our community has roughly  6000 acres of wilderness, there are wild horses wandering the land and although it’s beautiful in many ways to see them wild and free, they need care and compassion, and they have not been getting it. So I tuned in, the herd spoke and I shared their message, I shared OUR vision for tribe and unity, for community, horse management, care and wellbeing. I know deep within my spirit that these horses have been heard, that together with vision and strength we will all live in sanctuary and peace ~ united we stand, divided we fall.. This is sacred activism in action, we unite, we care and heal, we harmonize, we put into action what our meditation and bliss is showing us, we show and we be the way.. Animals like the horse have contributed so much towards the development and creation of “Western Civilization”, they like the ocean, creeks, forests, skies and earth, all deserve love and care, they all deserve a voice, they all deserve sanctuary and tribe 😉 I hope your inspired to help those living ecosystems around you that need care and compassion, I hope you can see and feel the care and compassion we all deserve and need in this great time of change.. Inlakesh

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