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The liberation of humanity rests in the palm of our hands, in our deeds, our thoughts, cares, and creations. The liberation of caged bears, captive dolphins, slave cows, wild horses, bees, and pretty much all life on Gaia rests in activating our awareness and putting it into action. Just because it was and still may be acceptable and part of life and civilization,,,, atrocity and ecocide, animal cruelty, and slavery are not healthy, intelligent and conscious ways to live, there are better ways. There are many acts and regular events daily around the globe that are cruel, horrifying, and ghastly, yet many of us partake and contribute to them, often as entertainment and through social events. Why not make a stand, why not see the reality in your activities that contribute to pain and suffering.

“Fashion in the field” at “horse racing” events are a delicate detour from the stark reality of control, domination and manipulation of sentient beings. Horses involved in racing are treated inhumanly, they are used, abused, slaughtered, tortured, maimed, separated and incarcerated, and willing participants make money from this activity. Please see

Transcending the Horse Whisperer..

This weekend was devoted to Tamworth NSW Australia and Monty Roberts the “Man Who Listens to Horses”. Clearly an inspiration Monty is now 77 years old, still working, riding, traveling, healing, and changing the lives of many horses, humans, and horse “owners” as he liked to call them. Monty displayed his way to “join up” with horses as partners, a way that transcends the “breaking” of a horse that is still common today. However Monty still carries some distortions that I feel need sharing and airing, they are important and they underpin his “way” and methods, his perspective and his message. They reveal what we can transcend, and the possibilities and portals are infinite… So here we go….

1.) No Monty, the Vietnam War was unnecessary, it was an atrocity, barbaric, political, and economical…. “The Vietnam War killed one million Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans. It was launched after two incidents in August 1964, the first of which was provoked and the second never happened. With careful avoidance of the facts, then President Lyndon Baines Johnson was able to ram through the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, denouncing those who raised suspicious voices as anti-American, and receiving a validation for war.” -Paul Joseph Watson, Order Out of Chaos (26)” Monty stated that we need wars and soldiers to fight totalitarian regimes, we need trained killers, however he suggests we need a way to bring these soldiers back to “normal” society. Monty works with ex soldiers to help them heal, to trust and find peace after they finish their killing work. Why not promote peace and trust as the way, and relegate war and killing to outmoded ways and means? Does Monty’s association with the Queen of England and other royalty have something to do with this?

2.) No Monty, just because we humans have eyes on the front of our heads, does not mean we eat meat.. Nor is eating meat simply a choice. The transcendence in horse and in all animal communication begins by not eating them. Eating animals is outmoded, eating animals is generally barbaric, unconscious, unnecessary, simply habit and taste. Eating animals promotes slavery, slaughter, monoculture, cancer, suffering and mind numbing selfish cruel acts, totally unnecessary in most parts of the world where gardens and food forests can grow. Eating animals quite clearly brings our consciousness and daily path to a lower vibration and frequency, it clearly makes intellectual and artistic sense that anyone on the “real” path of animal communication and care does not eat and endorse carnivorous and barbaric acts and omissions. If you can speak to the animals, then why can’t you hear them say, “please don’t eat me”? If you can then why do you? Do you really believe you can communicate with animals effectively if you eat them? Do you feel deep down that eating animals for dinner fosters a harmonious relationship and intimate loving connection to and with vegetarian animals? Questions questions, they abound.. At the Monty Roberts event it became quite clear that most humans do not see the connection with eating animals and spiciest cruelty and slavery as being entwined with archaic ways and practices. The door is wide open for another way, a peaceful an authentic way, a truly liberating way. For just about everything you ever want to learn about Animal Rights and beyond, then be sure to visit Marc Bekoff Central.

“Every bond that forms between species, provides hope within our own.”

3.) Using a “bit” Monty, to control your horse is not caring, not good communication, and is definitely abusive and domineering, there are more peaceful ways. “The mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of anyone’s body, therefore making it not only evil to control someone in this way, but purely fallacious for those in the racing and equestrian industries to call themselves horse-lovers! Intentionally inflicting pain and discomfort on someone else is hateful, not loving.” Gary Yourofsky. “The horse cannot be ‘supplemented’ with steel rods in its mouth and steel hoops on its feet without interfering with its physiological efficiency. It is as though one takes a computer and expects it to work after you have driven a couple of iron stakes through its casing. We ‘supplement’ the horse at our peril. Bits and shoes are weapons of horse destruction. Bitless and barefoot management represents state-of-the-art non-technology.” METAL, MYTH & EQUINE MISERY Robert Cook

If you have not yet seen the documentary Path of the Horse then please do.

“”Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized soci- ety. Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same defective fabric: violence.
~Cesar Chavez, civil rights leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

4.) Yanking the horse halter incessantly and harshly to “educate” your horse is not fun for your horse, nor is it non-violent Monty. Would another human feel this to be loving and caring communication? Sure it’s better than whipping your horse, but hey why choose a halfway method, why not choose the most beneficial and harmonious method and share that? Monty said that the number 1 key to horses is allowing them to have fun, number 2, we have fun. Great advice, but it did not seem the horses were having fun all the time. Patience and Being One with your horse are 2 key ingredients towards good communication and consequently good education, these are ultimately the results both we humans and horses want after all. Not eating humans = not eating horses, cows, or lambs, we are one after all 🙂

Moving onwards and upwards we realise that there are transcendent ways to do anything, and learning from others is an important phase. Animal communication and care through conscious connection and relationship through liberty and truth transcends most of the ways humans have and still treat and use animals. Finally even mainstream science has recognized the truth that animals, like humans, have feelings, they have consciousness. “Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us“. On July 7, 2012, The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness was signed by “a prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational neuroscientists gathered at The University of Cambridge to reassess the neurobiological substrates of conscious experience and related behaviors in human and non-human animals.”

Transcending the out-moded, co-creating beauty and freedom, sharing nature within and out, being natural, being love, being now. It is my dream to co-create paradise, our horses are ever more moving towards “Medicine Horses”, and together with our Ark of animals and gardens we feel the tranquility and truth in being one with nature. Life in sanctuary is not something reserved for the rich, we all deserve sanctuary and we all have the option to create it, or join others who are. Inspiration moves mountains, I hope your inspired to protect and nurture the life around you, to participate in healing and nurturing all life, the ecosystems around you, and the ecosystem within. In Riding Between Worlds Linda Kohanov writes “many shamans work with Father Sky and Mother Earth ~ In other words, they learn to both transcend and ground the powerful emotions, energies, and insights flowing through them. Successful Shamans become more horse like over time: intimately connected with nature and conscious of The Field that informs it”.

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