Unplug ~ Being KindHumans

A rather nice poem by Woody Harrelson that captures part of the global programme of oppression and selfish consumerism. When love and community rule, when nature’s forests are revered living cathedrals, when the ocean, rivers and lakes are sacred temples, oil is the Earths blood treasured and not plundered, the Earth beneath our feet our home, we can rest and laugh as one family, united by breath. Be the Change you want to see in the world, reality is simply perspective, choose to see through Universal Eyes, and act accordingly 🙂 Come mediate with me in nature and rediscover what life and living are really about, lets find our inner peace so we can share and see it around us as the living reality, the way, the Matrix of love.

We are sung, musically into form. I love this fact. We are all part of a symphony, a choreography of a score.
But we bring love to the game…that is our essence our participation and our ultimate goal..Stuart Mitchell

An empowered way to create and be the change towards living within a beautiful unified humanity, in harmony with nature and all life, is to simply unplug from TV, and mass produced media. Just like the Hippy’s did in the 60’s, dropping out from what is not beautiful and magical allows the dysfunctional systems to fall and crumble without too much effort. When we participate in activities that rehabilitate nature, that nurture and protect living ecosysystems, when we partake in activities that benefit humanity and all life we begin to live as Universal Beings. But it is quite clear that before humanity rises to the page of Being Universal, we need to rise the challenge of Being Kind Humans. That means we are Kind by essence to all other humans, all animals and plants, all life, and through our kindness we find our love, our heart. Love is a frequency, and just like the programme/frequency used to control and dis-empower humanity and Gaia, it is simply something to tune into..

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