Green Gold ~ Paradise within and out

Healing our Mother Earth begins with healing ourselves, when we are whole inside we create whole outside, the micro effecting and mimicking the macro that we know is wellbeing and love and visa versa, as above so below, and as below so above..

To believe we are too far gone, that the ecosystems around us are plundered beyond repair is an inner program glitch, apathy functioning within delusion, perpetuating ill-us-ion, creating blame, resentment, war and greed.. Light is simply information aligned with truth and care, geometric energy in-formation, it is the way, the Tao, the path of least resistance, abundance and freedom, flowing and swimming with the river, free and in-light-ened..

Please take some time to watch Green Gold, a ground breaking and truly beautiful documentary by John D. Liu that will illuminate the way, the path of global transformation through healing eco-system, community and humanity. Nothing is impossible, nothing is beyond repair, our children and those beyond the veil depend upon us, they depend on our care, our dedication to healing ourselves and our Mother Earth..

We all have the power to initiate and create deep change, to dive deep within, to love and co-create a beautiful life and home as one humanity in paradise. Don’t let the old programs fool you, the ill-us-ion is a veil of distorted information that lacks flow, peace, care and unity, so choose instead inspiration and creativity to light up the truth within you, and act on it!

What is that mysterious “Junk DNA” swirling and spiraling with you? Well they are simply ingredients that have been purposely distorted by energy/beings that want to harness and harvest the numbed down and easily controlled human – our E-Motions. One very powerful way to reintegrate our 12 strand DNA is to purposely work on integrating our 3rd strand creating the Holy Trinity, the Unity. Many of us already have the 3rd strand active, and there are some with 6 and 9 already active, they are the WayShowers, the truth of who we really are. When we activate and reignite our DNA we are capable of creating great change, developing ways and actions that are powerful beyond measure norm and form, this is the way we can re-co-create peace and love on Earth, paradise within, paradise out..

Now for the inner work 🙂 From the book No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening  By Patricia Cori.. Read and then record for later use in meditation.

DNA Activation: Primary Triangulation

“Prepare yourself for a deep meditation by lying on the floor, your head pointing north, feet south. You will be facilitated by wearing very loose fitting clothing, with no restrictions whatsoever upon your body and as best as you can eliminating all metals from your immediate field.

Create whatever is needed to assure that you are comfortable and uninterrupted and when you have achieved that peaceful state, lie quietly and begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically, eyes closed, letting the sensate world slowly fall away from you …slipping into a place of calm and deep relaxation. With every breath, feel yourself becoming more centered and peaceful and the body lighter and lighter …so light you feel like a feather carried gently in the breeze.

Imagine that you are in an open meadow, filled with the warmth of the Sun and the sweet scent of the trees – where wild flowers abound. You are encircled in the serene splendor of nature, completely at one with all the living beings of your world, feeling your soul lifting higher as it resonates to the music of all life.

A rainbow appears overhead – painting the sky with the
vibrations of your very being. You visualize the crown chakra
opening, like the petals of the lotus, as you prepare to accelerate your vibration forever.

Breathe deeply, drawing the rainbow refractions of light into the crown, down through the spine, washing down through the chakras, and grounding in the muladhara chakra at the base of your spinal column.

Experience the spectrum of light as your body resonates to the waves that are pouring through you. Feel these energies scintillate within you. Observe how every cell in your body reflects the rainbow, each its own being, each a unit of godliness that defines who you are and what you are capable of becoming … of creating.

Exhale …letting go any energies that have clung to you but which no longer serve you. You can ask that they be released into the earth, to be purified and transmuted in the cool of Gaia ‘s wisdom. Breathe them away, releasing yourself from their hold upon you.

Breathe them away, freeing the spirit, body and mind of their burden.

With the next breath, draw the golden white light of the angelic realms in through the crown, feeling Spirit move through you, trusting that you are guided in this magnificent journey of awakening.

A form appears above the crown center – a golden tetrahedron spinning gently overhead. It is the fundamental geometrical matrix of your evolving DNA – the sacred foundation of your awakening light body.

Take your time …bring this tetrahedral form into full focus, observing how the brilliance of its light shimmers through you as it quietly spins overhead, reflecting golden white light every where around and within you.

Once you have anchored this rotating form clearly in your vision, draw it into the crown and place it directly over the pineal gland, which sits at the epicenter of your head just behind the bridge of your nose. The pineal gland will be perfectly centered within the tetrahedron if you ask that it be so. Feel that golden light bathe this, the lighthouse of your soul, a sense that will be new to you just as much as it will be a sense of remembering.

Positioned at the gateway of your emerging consciousness, the golden tetrahedron serves as the matrix from which you will weave the third strand of DNA into your conscious awareness.

Show yourself the double helix formation of your DNA codex, intelligent architect upon which you have constructed your physical being. Imagine a third DNA thread, weaving itself into the double helix, re-creating the form that has embraced the pineal …creating triangulation within every cell of your body…

Three, the resolution of duality, is now being imprinted upon the sacred designs taking form within you.

Know that within every cell of your body a new dynamic your higher vibration – has begun to manifest and will that it be so forever. State your intention to every part of your being: every organ, every cell, every subatomic particle and every unit of consciousness that breathes with you that you intend that the etheric strands of DNA now crystallize within you as is appropriate to your spirit journey.

They are your birthright.
This is a returning…
An arrival and a departure: the multidimensional journey.

And now, before your return to body consciousness, and only when you are ready to do so, fold in the petals of the lotus, blessing the Light Ones who have assisted you here and taking as much time as you need to integrate the new that is being birthed within you. Taking as much time as you need to integrate this experience.

You will return to your body now. Feel your fingers –
move your toes-get the blood circulating…

Lie still, taking all the time you need to come completely
back to the room, the space in which you find yourself.

Taking all the time you need…”


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