Seeds of Awakening

Inspiration moves mountains, love unites and harmonizes, water flows, the Sun shines, and our Mother Earth nourishes us.. This is a shout out to all those who know and value Seed, all those who see above and beyond entertainment, self gratification, amusement, habit, conformity and normality, the importance of Seed… There is another way, another path, another feeling and joy that does not involve consuming, driving, stress, technology, venue’s, demands….. That way is understanding Seed, and living whole within our roles of co-creation…. The humble Seed has a message for humanity that we urgently need to hear & share.

Can you see and feel the Universe in one Seed? Can you comprehend your being, essence and nature in the Seed you eat? Can you feel the power of co-creation in Seed, the effervescence of life encased in Seed, the orgasmic nature of life awaiting water, sunshine, air, care, compassion, starlight, wind, family? Like a puppy running up to you with shining eyes, wagging tail, total devotion and respect, we see the same life and love in seed when we re-connect with our essence and renewal. This is rehabilitation in action, the path of love that leads to sustainability, creating cultures and communities thriving within abundance and diversity 😉

Beyond and Before sustainability the reality we all need to consider is rehabilitation, we all need to rehabilitate and restore our inner and outer care and compassion, we need to restore our unity in communication, our landscapes, footpaths, cities, rivers, oceans, mountains, forests, communities, our inner peace. Why sustain landscapes and daily lives that are unsustainable, why sustain and conform to systems that are essentially destructive and manipulative, why partake in programs that destroy life, separate life? There is another way….

The humble Seed is like a mountain mystic sitting quietly in peace, safe in sanctuary awaiting the perfect conditions to share, unite and harmonize. Let’s spread the Seeds of Freedom, the wisdom of Universal lore and love, try to only buy and grow seeds that are non-GMO, heirloom, open pollinated, Organic or Bio-Dynamic if possible, natural living wholistic Seed.

Through Seed-Saving we realise the whole, we understand unity, peace, focus, commitment, StarBliss, StarFamily, StarLove, Paradise on Earth.. Sounds very romantic, and it is, romance is the unification of elements, the spontaneous mix of ingredients that co-create life, the mystical ingredient that creates universes, babies, love, cosmic harmony, forests and islands…. I see immortality in Seed-Saving, living alchemy, the living elixir of life, paradise in the palm of our hands, in the mind of our eyes, our visions and dreams. This post is dedicated to all those who value natural Seed, living Seed, Seeds of love, living naturally within sanctuary.. Let’s co-create paradise through dedication to Seed saving and sharing, planting Seed, nurturing life and one another..

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