Ecosystem and Abundace over monocultre and greed

Ok now for some visual action from Spring 2012 at our home in the wilderness of Australia.

The video below captures some of the moments and highlights, the issue of cattle farming destroying ecosystems and wilderness habitat by burning off, the degradation of land for greed and unconscious CONsumption. It’s clearly evident that a permaculture/polyculture system provides much more food, habitat, joy, beauty and sanctuary than cattle farming, or monoculture systems. Not only that an intelligent and compassionate person chooses a diet and lifestyle that is peaceful and beautiful, a way of life that is loving and inclusive.

It’s important to remember that it is not necessarily the bull fighter in the ring that is the cause of selfish barbaric torment and slavery, it is the crowd that watches and participates. Consuming packaged mutilated and tortured dead animals is contributing to outmoded farming/slavery practices that deem animals food, a speciest act that separates man from the reality of love and unity, prosperity health and wellbeing that is our natural way of being.. A healthy mind creates a healthy habitat and ecosystem, be the Way stand tall for harmony in diversity, shine and share your magic of awe-lumination and care for all beings.

AbunDANCE and joy are naturally ours when we participate within the lores of beauty & harmony. Creativity and Care for the highest good of all generates magic & bliss, joy and a Space of Love for all.

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