Paradox 2012

Life this Spring 2012 has been full of paradox’s.. Much like the global situation mimicked on a micro scale the clear lines distinguishing life in harmony, love & balance have been blurred with the insincere and selfish, the discontent and disharmony rippling through a global system of tyranny and control is clearly evident everywhere you look and live.. It’s pretty easy to see the massive changes we as a global humanity are facing, it’s very clear that as a collective on the brink of catastrophe there are those contributing to an enlightened and healthy path, and those choosing outmoded dysfunction and apocalypse.

The end of the cycle predicted by the Mayans, Egyptians, Hopi, prophets, psychics, feelers, tribes and cultures the world over has arrived, we stand at the cross roads, the choice point, the place where we can choose love or fear, unity and harmony, or separatism and war..

The gallery below captures some of the moments caught on film during Spring 2012, the highs and lows, life in garden and sanctuary. I hope it inspires you to choose life & love over fear & despair, to plant seeds, nourish the Earth and celebrate life in it’s myriad of forms. Make sure to watch in full screen to ‘feel’ the essence of the imagery 🙂

Spring 2012

When it we had really HOT dry weather the local cattle farmers ‘Burn Off’ to promote short fresh sweet grass to fatten their cows. They don’t care if they set hundreds or thousands of acres of land alight, destroy homes, maim and destroy ecological communities and families, they want fat cows to sell to consumers who buy the slaughtered and mutilated cows packed in plastic with parsley ontop.. This mentality and way of life is one of the many dysfunctional systems associated with the ‘Modern World’, where competition, greed, selfish consumption, fear and lack of care and compassion rein.. It’s a sad reality that such an intelligent species has become so parasitic and beastly, a species on the verge of extinction created through mass suicide to the detriment of life in harmony, to the possibility and truth in love & unity within global community..

However all is not lost, we still have the freewill to choose positive outcomes, to choose peace, intelligent designs and systems, to harmonise with universal law and lore.. The outmoded foundations of science, military might and fight, oppression, economic greed and control are now falling apart, quantum physics is now proving much of what was thought as scientific fact is indeed fiction, that intelligent omnipotent energy governs reality and this energy is abundant beyond measure, powerful beyond imagining. We have been tricked, fooled & corrupted by energies that feed of dysfunction, chaos and isolation, disconnected from universal love and infinity, lost in the matrix of illusion..What is not built on the foundation of love and unity eventually falls apart, so it is at this time that the web of ill-usion is cracking, the fabric of unity and love is peeking through the cracks, the plants are rising through the cement cracks, humanity is awakening, truth and beauty will shine..

So what tangible practical things does this mean to you? How can we live and feel this new way of being, how can we take the wisdom shared by mystics and wayseers to actually live it? Here are 5 key ingredients that you can integrate, to act upon and live, and through living and being the way we open ourselves to the infinity of Universal Being, the cosmic StarBeing/GardenBeing..

  • De-programme yourself ~ Wean your self of chemicals, medications, mainstream media, gurus, dogmas, fear porn, propaganda & control systems. Fill yourself with light-in-form-ation that activates truth, awareness & love, re-programme yourself with inspiration, beauty, nature, peace and compassion.. We are Universal Citizens, Stardust, whole, connected and infinite, we are the macro and the micro, the universe above and within, cells in the multiverse… Tune into Kapacha for the weekly Astrology report, integrate the current cosmic energies into your micro being, your own essence, assimilate, and balance, share and belove 😉
  • Garden ~ Dedicate time daily to garden, to grow your own food, to heal ecosystems, to regenerate the inner and the outer, to enrich your local habitat with magic and abundance.. Try to eat light, mostly raw fresh organic, avoid toxic substances and murdered animals, choose instead flowers, herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, living water.. The garden is a portal to cosmic consciousness, to living a terrestrial life with universal integrity and wisdom, research and integrate permaculture with a vegan/vegetarian diet.
  • Breathe ~ Deep rhythmic breathing is critical to being aware, peaceful, light & bright. The epidemic of shallow breathing has stifled free flowing peaceful loving creativity, yet the simple act of consciously breathing reharmonises and realigns.. Observe how you breathe during the day, re-mind yourself to focus on breathing deeply, breathing in peace, and breathing out tension and fear, appreciate the plant realm for assimilating your out-breath and your tension, give thanks for your every breath & smile.
  • Boundaries ~ Choose love & choose to be enveloped by those that love you. If you have beings around you that bring you down, use you, judge and ridicule you, isolate and take from you, then simply move away. This includes jobs and routines, habits that separate, ways of being that blame, resentment, attitudes of bitterness and egotistical hierarchies, yours or those around you.. Create a boundary of love, a bubble of bliss that resonates with frequencies that are expansive, progressive, healthy and peaceful.
  • Nature time ~ Give yourself as much time as possible in nature, spend it in movement, in meditation, creation, observation, co-creation, exercise. Open your 3rd ear, your 3rd eye, feel the vibration and frequency of the birdsong, the scent of galaxies and stardust in flowers. Walk barefoot, swim naked, climb and hug trees, communicate with animals and insects, look deeply into the eyes of living beings, know and feel the natural world. Avoid radiation as much as possible, beware of chemtrails, pollution, toxic chemicals, thought-forms, and control systems, choose the path of love and nature, natural time and space is our birthright.

Sharing is caring, if you resonate with this message then my job is done, we have co-created and we are spreading ripples of change, unity and love, rewiring the fabric of reality.. Inlakesh fellow beings of light and love 🙂


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