Galactic Horse Tribe

Happy Aquarius Age 😉

So the much anticipated Dec 21 2012 date has been and gone, the Solstice & Galactic alignment has passed and now we are apparently moving towards and through ever greater light frequencies as we spiral closer to the Great Central Sun Alcyone.. A powerful time for many, just another Christmas and New Year for others..

Here at OneSong we experienced 3 consecutive mornings with perfect full rainbows over our Space of Love. Dec 22 until 24, on the night of Christmas Eve while sleeping under the Stars near the garden I heard the horses being very restless. It seemed unusual and knowing Kiarna the Mare was pregnant and almost ready to drop I got up and saw her rolling on the Earth nearby. Just as I got to the 5 horses under the most magical Starlit night, with a gentle setting Moon she got up and dropped a little foal. It was an intense and very beautiful experience, the horses were truly in their power, a true family giving birth as naturally as possible. After 5 mins or so I was allowed near the foal, I touched him and sung him some Tahitian songs, as you can imagine it was deep and cellular.. 10 mins later Kiarna moved in and took control, within 10 mins the foal was on all 4 legs next to Mum.. WoW! I stayed around for a couple hours under the canopy of the Milky Way feeling the full effects of this powerful Galactic Alignment in process, being part of the Horse Tribe..

Below is a little video from the last couple weeks including ‘SunDance’ the foal, from 6 hours old to 1 week, already running around and kicking with the joy of life.. A blessing from the Rainbow indeed, a white foal, a magical being with a blaze that to me resembles a Galactic Activation Portal..

When we hit the Solstice point here in the Southern Hemisphere we mark the longest day of the year, and each day there after moves slowly towards the darkest. It is a turning point, not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new cycle, which according to the Foundation of the Law of Time moves us towards July 26 2013 when the BIG changes prophesied will come into play..

“The prophetic date, December 21, 2012 marks the crest of the 104,000 year galactic spiral density wave, an evolutionary shift point of unprecedented magnitude, the shift from mind to supermind and the ascent of spiritual-mental values over materialist ones.

From the day following, 22 December through the end of the 7 Storm year, Day out of Time 2013, there are exactly 216 days. Six is the number of the cube, and as the number 6 cubed (6 x 6 x 6), 216 represents the frequency of the perfect cube. This means that there are exactly six 36-day cycles following 21 December 2012 through the Day out of Time, 2013, Kin 163, 7 Night. The next day, 26 July 2013, Kin 164 is known as Galactic Synchronization, the launching of the Timeship 2013. These six 36-day cycles represent the cubing of the Earth, during which there is a pause before the next 104,000-tun wave begins its next pulsation.

What is meant by the cubing of the Earth is the supermental telepathic creation of a cube of perfection around the Earth, representing the six days of the second creation generating a new heaven and a new earth. This is the perfect moment also for the Galactic Mayan return – the intervention to oversee the peaceful transition from the old order to the new.”

This period from what I can feel and sense is very much perspective, if you are aware, open and moving towards magic and beauty, compassion and flow, then so shall it be.. Rainbows for me are a powerful sign of fertility, having 3 land almost in the exact same spot then the birth of a white foal right on the Galactic Alignment says it all.. We invite and manifest what we dream, so be clear with your visions, be pure and open to possibilities that go beyond the dreams you feel and see..

Inlakesh ~ Love and Radiance ~ Reflect and Be Love 😉


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