Our Sacred Garden

A message to Act ~ Time to Be the Way..

Powerful times demand powerful actions ~ Attention & Awareness to the Sacred Path, to Peace and Paradise. The seas are rough, the weather stormy, it’s intense, planetary and galactic alignments causing deep change, stress, separation, chaos, we have entered the time of 13.. Beyond the veil lies the calm, the peace, the love and tranquility of beautiful flow and abundance. Best to stretch everyday, yoga, dance, swimming, wilderness, barefeet, garden, lots of living water, deep compassion for others.. Allow your journey and now moments to unfold as you walk & fly your sacred path in peace, with power and intuitive guidance and knowing, following the rainbows flow, being whole, dropping the linear, the baggage, cleansing and loving..

“By building seed banks to guard plant species, by reforesting devastated areas and cleaning the seas, rivers and skies, ways exist to change our attitudes and actions. If we infuse the souls of the natural world into our minds, our lives and our hearts, then we can feel that these are the living creatures whose world we share..Beyond that we need to feel in our bones the rising anguish of the bones of the Earth. We need to see and feel our own blood poured out and wasted like the water from the deep aquifers. The pollutants we take into our veins are the drugs that mask our own capabilities to feel and act. We need to weep again, be cleansed and to have our selves filled with glowing dreams.” Seronde, A ~ Our Sacred Garden

All Sacred Gardens begin within, nourishing ourselves, we nourish our Mother Earth.. Soon the whole Earth as we know it will once again be a Sacred Garden, a treasure, a multidimensional Gem, humans will be living Sacred Gardens. Injoy the blossoming 🙂

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