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Happy Yellow Cosmic Enlightened Sun Day!

Another turning point, a shift, where the larger cog turns and this 260 day cycle ends, allowing the birth of another. BIG Times, Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Moon, in the Yellow Star wavespell.. “The individual is endowed with cosmic consciousness to know that it is an androgynous ever-evolving interval of expansive cosmic enlightenment” Star Travelers 13 Moon almanac of synchronicity.. Time to embody the luminous Sun within, feel your inner StarLight, your very center, the liberation, your zero point within, meditate, realise it.Sunflower Awakening

A big Activation Time time for many ~ Awakening, unfolding like a sunflower, ready to take in more Sun, a time of growth, expansion, fertility, paradigm/dimensional shifts, portal activations…… The flip side to this energy, or the 3D polarity is a time of upheaval, unrest, chaos, pressure, stress, disorientation, unfulfilled nutrition and life purpose, drama, things falling apart, breakdown, meltdown.. Ahhhhhh!!! Explode and birth a new you if that is the case with you, break on through the veils, tune into the whales, nurture and nature your self as you re-member your unity.

Perception ~ When we realise our unity, we cannot imagine separation, we do not enslave, maim, slaughter, and eat animals or humans… Nor do we pollute, blame, squander, abandon, argue, fight, fear, control, dominate or participate in atrocity, genocide, speciesism or ecocide… We hold hands, we hug, show empathy, care, appreciation, we help eachother as if we are helping our family, ourselves, because WE ARE ONE 😉

7 rules of lifeWherever you are and whatever your feeling and going through know behind the scenes, behind the program and operating system with and out, we are awakening.. If your a StarSeed StarBeing awakening, this time is big, and as StarSeeds we need to nourish our Star Seed essence similar to the way we nourish seeds and plants in our gardens.. Like the garden we are all at different stages of awakening, hence tend to your inner StarBeing garden to the level your at.. Take some time to access where you are, feel your intuitive higher self guide you ever more forward to what your Star Being essence needs, your purpose and service, tune into the energy that is your Star Family, your intelligent, cosmic, loving family that miss you so much, they will guide you.. Remember over and above all, we are Multidimensional Beings of light! Most pain, suffering, drama etc exists in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, much of which is created by beings/energies that are parasitic and controlling, and we willingly or unknowingly participate.

Truth bWorrylesse told we are not simply 3D robots operating and manipulated as puppets by dark agendas, however insidious they may be. We are indeed infinite, our essence is whole and love, we are connected to families and energies within the universe that are highly evolved, there is no fear here 😉

If your a StarSeed StarBeing, or maybe your interested in what this means, hence you may be one yourself, then I highly suggest diving deep into Energetic Synthesis. One of the most beautiful Gems to uplift, awaken, re-align, my consciousness, path, purpose and service I have come across for a long time.. If you like the description of Star Seed Souls below, then your in for a treat! The site is packed full of information, articles, video’s, basically Lisa has created an online portal for Indigo’s and other StarBeings in awakening & service, to help wake us up fully to our essence, our purpose, the truth… Lets begin with some deep breaths……………………………..Energetic Sythesis



Star Seed Souls
A way to explain “Star Seeds” is to describe specially selected and evolved souls from another planet, star system, galaxy or dimensional plane, whose specific soul purpose (mission) is to act as a bridge between The Spiritual-Angelic Hierarchies and the souls who have lost their connection to their Higher God Selves and their divine purpose. Star Seeds bring with them the skills necessary to help assist and catalyze a global shift in consciousness, eventually bringing on a New Era of higher consciousness and resultant paradigm shift.

Because their task is the most difficult one to perform in a very dense dimension such as ours, Star Seed’s are hand-picked by the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Spiritual Hierarchy is a varied and collective group of Guardians and Life Forms existing in many different forms and dimensions assisting and influencing in the Earth Plan of Evolution. Star Seed’s are strategically planned and incarnated into various timelines of a planetary “Ascension” cycle. Many beings who volunteer to perform such missions and do so at the risk of forgetting who they are and losing connection with their Higher God Selves and their soul families. Star Seeds incarnate into the same conditions of helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose (just as the natives whose planet they are visiting) in order to acclimatize to and empathize with Earth conditions and her peoples. Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or quite dramatic and abrupt. In either event, memory is restored to varying degrees, and the access to the soul records, library of light and other information is downloaded as the consciousness is prepared to handle the information. Many are extremely tested to be emotionally purified of negative ego qualities in order to take on greater responsibility as consciously aware stewards building higher consciousness. The more balanced and integrated in archetype as embodied within the being, the greater the sphere of influence and responsibility of stewardship of the “Earth Plan”. Once reaching certain levels of spiritual plane integration and awareness, the being is contacted (super-consciously or consciously) and guided to focus on global service.” Lisa Renee

Lets keep going ~ Light In-Formation is awakening within us all, and it is coming to us from a circumference of angles and perceptions now, we just have to be open, willing & accepting 😉

10 Life Changing Tips Inspired By Rumi

1. Challenge Fear

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

2. Be Bold

“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”

3. Have Gratitude

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”

4. Take Action

“Why should I stay at the bottom of a well, when a strong rope is in my hand?”

5. Have Faith

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”

6. Embrace Setbacks

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

7. Look Inside

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

8. Learn From Suffering

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

9. Don’t Be Concerned With What Others Think Of You

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

10. Do What You Love

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

Ok the final verse comes to you from none other than Yellow Spectral StarWizard, Dave Hurst

“Possibly some of the best ‘advice’ possible, and particularly for being such a brief yet powerful ‘state-meant’….”Emotions are energy in motion (E + motion)If you spend your emotional energy complaining, you will attract more things to complain about. On the other hand, if you spend your emotional energy creating your happiest vision of the greatest version of your Self, you will shift your life experiences to those of love, inspiration,
gratitude, joy and wonder. This is the Law of Attraction and is a verifiable reality formed
by how you look at life. You are what you think.
How you look at things will design the life you get.Emotions are vibrational with the lowest being guilt, resentment, insecurity, fear and hate, to name a few. These will eventually lead to physical dis-ease.Knowing this, it is important to let go of negative emotions. If need be, “fake it’ til you make it” until you have reached the levels of love you were designed to experience. Then you can re-experience radiant health that is available to all who hold high frequencies, allowing you to feel positive and good on a daily basis. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.
Everything is a perception, either a drama or a comedy. The energy you put into motion (E+motion) will create, with thought, the reality you perceive. Rearrange everything you do and say and all whom you interact with to embrace the positive and your emotions will improve dramatically.Stay clear of negative people and their energy fields, speak clearly, positively and with integrity. Aspire to speak only what is true for you.Ask each day that the Universe provide that which is
perfect and joyful for you. Be grateful for all things coming
your way as though it were already a reality. Be mindful that what
you think today will create what you experience tomorrow.”If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at will change.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Foremost ;
(‘Re-member’ to breathe deeply several times and relax your whole body, and center in your Heart/Spirit Most Empowered and aware States of ‘Self’. (especially before or during major potential situations/conversations etc (‘e-motion-all’)

(‘Re-member’ with your Spirit ; don’t be ‘split’ because your in a body ‘for a while’. ‘Our Spirit’ created and re-creates the Body and inhabits it)

Access / invoke / recall… a state of your life where you were/are the most empowered, ( i.e. felt the best etc) and embody that state at any time you choose/ remember to. Better yet, consciously dedicate to do it often enough that it becomes natural/default mode. After all it is ‘in natural environments / conditions’.”Rainbow World2

Inlakesh inpeace inlove ingarden intribe asone ~

Blessings and Blissings

Seeding the New Humanity

Space of Love Seeds ~ From OneSong Gardens

Space of Love Seeds ~ From OneSong Gardens

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