Awake in the Dream

Self-Awareness, when the light comes on and you realise most of the 3D physical world is upside down and back to front, you begin the quest of Awakening….

One of the main ingredients in my personal journey of Awakening is daily De-programming, this is done through many activities, ways and means.. We have all been programmed through cultural memes, generational slavery, industrial/military/corporate societies, media, schooling, food, telepathic frequencies, implants, off world agendas, star linage etc etc… So let’s flip it back upright, lets re-member the truth about the Human Spirit and our Divine essence, research topics that interest you, what really is going on behind the scenes, pretty much everything you research has infinite doorways, and behind the static, linear, historical, politically correct rational programmes, you will see the truth, and you will set yourself and others free..peace2Once again the truth in Vegetarian/Vegan and beyond diets is highlighted by Cathy O’Brian.. Murdering animals mirrors murdering humans, destroying the environment mirrors destroying our bodies. Go Vegan, a peaceful and harmonic beautiful planet depends on the choices we make, eating plants, nuts, fruits and herbs is energetically aligned with the harmonics of love and peace.

People who abuse children, abuse animals, it’s a total disregard for life, the two go hand in handCathy O’Brian

Here’s one that you really don’t want to miss 🙂 Awake in the DREAM Radio with Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips

Cathy O’Brien shares her inspirational story of rehabilitation to love, freedom and peace, she came from the grotto’s of the Cabal, sold into Slavery and abuse by her masonic father she was a child sex toy slave for the so called Elite, those in political power, those with corporate control. Brainwashed, Mind Controlled and tortured, now free she is sharing her message to awaken those still sleeping to realise what breeds behind the scenes, the very people we vote for are our worst nightmares dressed in superhero costumes. She never knew what love or peace was until she was rescued, and it was through the tenderness and love of animals she was able to trust other humans to finally see that there really was love and good in the world, and love and good prevailed. Can you imagine what Cathy has gone through, can you feel how lucky we are to have people like Cathy alive, empowered humans who are revealing the truth, awakening those still sleeping.. It’s time to wake up, to stay awake, to shine bright, to love…..

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

“Listen to this amazing speaker who will blow away the myths, fill your mind with interesting facts, and help you make ethical choices for a healthy heart and soul. His charismatic and straightforward style is one of a kind – a must-see for anyone who cares about nonhuman animals or wishes to make the world a better place.”

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