The War on Consciousness

Must see! Graham Hancock The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK..

Download and save before yet another beautiful totally empowered light-filled enlightened supernaturalmessage from one of the Planets most aware and alive humans…. Graham Hancock in this talk sums up so eloquently the current corporate war on consciousness and freedom, masqueraded as society, media, corporation and government. He so valiantly expresses our duty to defend our freedom and consciousness ~ the liberty of our planet, our Eco-systems, cultures past and future depend on our empowered choices now!!..

See Grahams response to the Ban here http://www.blacklistedradio.. Most of us by now realise the media is a vehicle for deception and mind control, here’s yet another example of the light being snuffed out.. However light is light, it is what it is, the truth is the truth, so like wildfires we are spreading the truth, the light & love.. Share this with as many people as you can WayShowers!

It’s a messed up world indeed ~

“We put young men into the army – when they join the army they’re
taking a job that may put their lives at risk, people go skiing, people go bungee jumping,
people jump out of aeroplanes for the excitement of so doing. Let’s not pretend that
that’s completely free of danger; there is risk in that adventure, and I would say – I’ve
never done it myself, but when somebody jumps out of an aeroplane I would imagine it
has an extraordinary effect on their consciousness. It must be a tremendous feeling.
Why else would so many people do it? They must get something special out of it, and
they’ve decided as adults that getting that special thing is worth the risk of jumping out of
that plane. I’m not going to go to them and say “Look, I know this is a really special
experience for you but it’s a bit dangerous, so I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to do it and
actually, if I catch you doing it I’m going to send you to prison.” Graham Hancock


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