Well-Being = A Plant based diet ~ Time to stand up for love and truth!

To rise above those “normal” & acceptable daily rituals & cultural habits that are legally permitted, those activities that destroy ecological and biological natural life, is our duty..

When we awaken to the reality around us, when we see beyond the norm’s to truly feel the injustice and suffering involved in modern industrial/military/corporate living, then we vegan poet BookCoverneed to act! Awareness precedes action, no longer should we sit idle in our daily lives paying the bills, catering for our immediate family, while we contribute to the degradation of global ecologies, while we contribute to the suffering of others, while we enslave, torture, slaughter, package & eat animals as commodities.. Is it not insane to repetitively contribute to this suffering, then wander why you and those close to you suffer with disease, flu, pains, aches and worries? Is it not insane to bemoan the slaughter of dolphins, to feel heartache for starving children, to feel your very soul ripped out when ancient forests are destroyed to make your floorboards, then run cattle over the deathly landscape raped and pillaged, while you season your meat?

Ultimately the case for shunning animal flesh does not rest on what the Buddha allegedly said or didn’t say. What is does rest on is our innate moral goodness, compassion, and pity which, when liberated, lead us to value all forms of life. It is obvious, then, that willfully to take life, or through the eating of meat indirectly to cause others to kill, runs counter to the deepest instincts of human beings.” ~ Roshi Philip Kapleau To Cherish All Life

Is it not sane to realise that wars, terror, fear, violence, suffering, disease, slaughter & slavery are unhealthy? Sanity is simple, it’s sensitive and realistic, a harmonic state of being, a way of perceiving the hologram, the mirrors we face with care, empathy, peace, and c0-cr8tiV3 unity. If your still eating animals and you know nothing about it then look into it, make a concerted effort to make it a priority, because really to be honest there are far fewer priorities that need your attention. If you are still eating animals after researching the benefits of doing no harm when you eat, then your mind-controlled..

Yes MK, look it up, look into the beast that you follow, the beLIEfs you CONform to daily, the lives both animal and human you cause suffering and death to directly and/or indirectly. Hitler even suggested that Mind Control was more lucrative and powerful than nuclear bombs! For some inspiration that supersedes any contrived MK programmes, tune into this beautiful collection of compassionate, aware, healthy humans who choose a Plant based diet ~~~~~~~~~~ A Compilation of Long-Term Vegans; Our Powerful Message ~~~~~~~~~~

If one could name one single behavior that affects the world so negatively it is probably the SLAUGHTER of TRILLIONS of animals every year on Earth. Then the CONsumption of that NEGATIVE/FEARFUL energy by BILLIONS of dumbed down drones. Of course the MEATHEADS will not innerstand any of this b/c that is the nature of the beast. A toxic body = a toxic mind/spirit. They would sooner kill and eat the messenger who points out their murderous ways! (;” Anonymous friend

The poem below is from Vegan Poet http://www.veganpoet.com/humanity/insanity.htm

The Insanity of Humanity

We spray the planet with toxins to poison insects and weeds
We’re ignorant of the poor judgment inherent in our deeds.

We endanger many species and renders some others extinct,
We do not see ‘The Big Picture’ and that all of us are linked.

We starve the soil until it’s devoid of all fertility.
In other lands, we make children slaves for our utility.

We exploit our own species and the other animals, too–
We engage in mass murder of our own, in times of old and new.

Our ‘power-hungry history of war’ spans the whole world wide.
We’ve learned to hate, and to participate in mass genocide.

We live without integrity; we choose wrong instead of right.
We make the ‘Almighty Dollar’ our God and our guiding light.

We lust after money with a materialistic greed.
Deprived fellow-humans cry for help while we ignore their need.

We will execute the trees like they are ‘growing out of style’,
never pondering the repercussions of this, all the while.

We pass through enchanted woods and leave our rubbish behind.
We limit concern for our fellow man to ones of our own kind.

We have little tolerance for other religions or races.
We believe our color is the best color for all faces.

We limit our relationships to those near to our own age,
There are several kinds of prejudice that we will engage.

We adorn ourselves with gadgets and pierce our skin for rings,
and think beauty is achieved from doing such meaningless things.

We treat the disease, but ignore the preventative measure.
We’re creatures of bad habits and self-gratifying pleasure.

We settle for ‘mere sex’ rather than the ‘art of lovemaking’.
We’re empty inside because ‘our passion’, we’re forsaking.

We are beings that are cruel; that inflict suffering and pain.
Our viewing of ‘animals as a commodity’ is just insane.

We have invented the telephone, the computer chip, and more,
But do not learn that ‘eating animals’ is something to abhor.

We fuel our bodies and souls with the most violent of diets,
Never thinking this may be the cause of rising city riots.

We live on top of others; like chickens in a factory farm.
While businesses pollute skies and streams, we disregard their harm.

Something we are compelled to do, is to ‘overpopulate’,
unlike animals, who when resources dwindle, cease to mate.

We will step on our comrades to make ourselves appear supreme.
All wrapped up in ourselves, we have little concern for our team.

Are we powerless to change ‘the lack of virtue’ that eludes man?
Will we ever know that yearned for ‘Peace on Earth’ in our life’s span?

Can the soul subdue the ego; can we make true our human lies?
Will we elevate and save our race, before humanity dies?

Will we annihilate ourselves with the weapons made by man?
Or will ‘we, humans’ turn it all around, as only we can?

We are endowed with rationality and a conscience within
Let our journey towards ‘sanity’ here and now begin.

Michael veganMichael Klaper, M.D. – has been vegan for 32 unwavering years. ~ After dealing with so much violence in the emergency rooms of Chicago hospitals, the Viet Nam war and observing the effects of violence in people’s daily lives in my medical practice, and after reading and hearing so many teachings of spiritual leaders about the power and truth of non-violence, I had reached a point in my life where I knew I had to make a serious effort to rid my own being of violence – my thoughts, words, and, above all, my actions. I knew I wanted to become not only a peaceful man, but a Man of Peace. One evening in late 1980, while at a restaurant consuming a steak dinner, I was expounding on my desire to rid my life of violence when my dinner companion pointed out that my peaceful goals were all well and good, but if I was truly concerned about reducing the level of violence in my life that I both experienced and caused, I should begin with that piece of meat on my plate.” A Compilation of Long-Term Vegans; Our Powerful Message

Be a KindHuman, share this simple message to heal the world and your families, it’s that simple, Veganism is one small act, a shift that creates an avalanche of awakening, it will transform every cell in your being, your DNA, your life will transform before your eyes, your mind will activate, you will feel and love like never before..

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