OneSong Gardens Autumn 2013

What a few moonths here at OneSong, where do I start and where do I end.. Lightning oh yes the vertical electrical thunderbolts that earthed out in the paddocks and on the house.. If you have never seen lighting hit the ground then keep your eyes peeled when there’s an electrical storm around you. The last one that came through here was intense, I saw massive arks grounding down beyond the Western hills, then one grounded in the paddock across from the house while I was gazing at the phenomenon, right about where the rainbow is in the pic below.. When the lightning hit the Earth the sound instantaneously went right through my spine and came out my eyes, it made a blast of orange/blue light and totally transformed the energy in the valley.. Rainbow delightPrecious times,, then a bolt hit the house, blew up the satellite internet modem and said have some nature time for a few weeks,,,,, so I did.

So I’ve been offline for a few weeks, no media whatsoever…. It’s been great to be honest, I did have internet detox symptoms for a couple days, missing my Astrological and Cosmological updates, updates about the impending collapse of the cabal, doco’s and films that share light and love, and oh yes the weather report, chatting with friends, business etc.. But after the initial few days I relished my plight, it was a beautiful excuse not to worry, to accept what is, to tune into natures news and weather, to tune into now time, my own Space of Love, to sow seeds, nurture life, nourish and rest, slow down and heal..

The video below captures some of the moments during the last cycle, including the Autumn Equinox here in Australia 2013.. I hope you enjoy 😉 The theme I guess here is balance and equality, and the living manifestation of this is to Go Vegan ~ We don’t eat our friends, we protect and nourish them as family, we grow gardens for food!

Inlakesh and Thankyou

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