This is Sirius ~ It’s time for everyone to know!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, life in garden and nature is slowly overgrowing the need and desire to “get online”…. + we have 7 kelpie puppies growing up who are now 5 weeks old 😉Kelpie puppies

I’ve attached 2 key films I’ve watched lately that are integral towards the mass awakening of Humanity. It’s not helpful to anyone or anything to bury our heads in the sand, to rest in our comfort zones and carry on doing the usual, repetitive daily rituals, thinking the same things, communicating and caring for the same people. Time to embrace BIG change, to empower those making inroads for the rest of us, to be WayShowers ourselves, to awaken!

SIRIUS – It is time for YOU to know

Now this film may be passe’ for many already far down the rabbit hole, but it holds critical influence and information to the greater mass of humanity. The crumbling of the structures that have kept humanity under lock and key are now thundering down, the truth is being brought forward, censored and manipulated media can no longer puppet the news and events corporations and military want to brainwash humanity with.. Disclosure is about the return of truth, freedom, care, free energy, universal citizenship, galactic family unity, intelligence mixed with compassion.. The film was crowd funded, so either contribute back and buy the film, rent the film, or if you have no financial capacity you can find it online for free.

Next we have “Why in the world are they Spraying

If you have not yet seen “What in the world are they spraying?” watch that first.. This Doco goes further into the why, it covers Geo-engineering the weather to as you may have already guessed, to co-modify, own and profiteer from weather modification and control. If you can control the weather you can control who eats and drinks, you can control which industrial monocultures and seed companies reap enormous profits. Essentially you can control the people, and continue the enslavement of human resources.. Yes Bill Gates and Monsanto profiteer from these things, they fund Geo-Engineering, they profiteer from chemicals and heavy metals being sprayed from aircraft over human populations and ecosystems. So although this doco does not cover the possibility for Bill Gates and others to usher in population control through vaccinations and aerial spraying, the killing of most of humanity for One World Government rule, Martial Law, Slave world scenarios, we do see the tentacles with HAARP, wars/military, false flags, alien invasions etc to be hand in hand with chemtrails. What in the world can we do? Well firstly be aware, investigate, take pictures, tell your neighbors, start a local group, screen films, demand local ‘authorities’ to take action, be brave & most important go within to access your divinity and cosmic consciousness..


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