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The state of the planet depends upon you, it depends on us, we, I and all, it depends on seeing, knowing and being the change, selfless energetic being dedicated to healing and loving, regenerating and sharing. 

Is it really that important to you, the planet and life for yet another FaceBook or Twitter status update? How many times do you update your status, how much time and energy do you give to activities that are fleeting, feel good, consumptive, egoic, habitual, albeit it important? Give yourself 11mins or so to contemplate the multitude of activities you participate in during a regular day, and see with unabashed awareness and honesty those moments that really are dead in the water. Do you have time to plant seeds, to grow your own food?Facebook status, plant seeds insteadAfter having Malaria for about the 12th time a few years ago, diagnosed with cerebral and some other strain at the same time, I wanted out! I was on my death bed after a month of no eating, walking, severe spinal pain, body temperatures hovering around the 40 degree mark and beyond, headaches/migraines, and no breath etc etc.

Imagine the worst flu you’ve had, inject that feeling into your spine and your breath and you have Malaria, a parasitic energy devouring your life essence, one of the biggest killers in the world. In 2010 there were roughly 219 million cases of Malaria of those 660 000 malaria deaths according to WHO.. This statistic and reality is staggering, if you’ve never had Malaria then you might not relate, but to anyone this is an enormous number of deaths, the yearly average of malaria deaths is 800 000 according to the BBC, and these deaths can be treated simply with natural plant remedies, sanitary homes and gardens. Investigate “population control” through disease, vaccines, maybe add Bill Gates to the equation, maybe the word conspiracy, control, economy and see what you come up with. Anyhow Artemisia annua (wormwood) is the major herb that has saved my life many times now, but prior to this discovery and growing up with Malaria I was subjected to synthetic drugs like Chloroquine, and other insidious chemicals that basically annihilate your overall health, immune system and wellbeing, and they barely did the job!

Now the reason why I bring up Malaria is because it brought me face to face with suffering, horrible pain, hallucinations and realizations.. When you are near death, and infact wanting death to arrive sooner than later, you have the opportunity to contemplate existence, life, meaning, purpose, freedom, truth… I realised that much of my life and the life of most people living in modern societies is chaotic, selfish, parasitic and mindless, contributing to the extinction of the planet, to the extinction, suffering and torture of living beings, including ourselves, an unconscious suicide that is perfectly legal and accepted as daily modern life..  So when I began to feel better one auspicious morning, when I could feel the oxygen once again nourishing me and I was able to walk outside into the garden, I began to take heed of my realizations.

Breathing was my first and most appreciated gift, the foundation to everything else, next was water, sunshine, and garden.. These key essentials to life and health became my focus, healing and path, realizing this is what we all need to do, this is how we can become the New Humanity of compassionate intelligence, peace and co-creative harmony . All else slipped away into the wasteland of a society gone mad, a technocratic, industrial, military organism similar on the macro level to the parasitic micro mosquito. Lotus flower

From that day I dedicated my life to growing plants, healing the earth below me, above me, within me, regenerating ecosystems, living within them, being one with life..

I’m now pretty much Vegan, besides eating on occasion some eggs from my organic free-range hens, I garden daily, now sharing herb, veggie & fruit seeds through my website ~ Space of Love Seeds. Grounding the energies of cosmic love and peace through nature – not machine, through seasons – not months, cycles – not watches, fires – not tv’s.. I drive once a fortnight, grow most of my own food, drink river water, don’t attend church funerals, haven’t had TV for over 5 years, have solar panels, do not ingest mainstream media, there is no mobile phone reception here, we have clean air, fresh water and no noise or light pollution.. I live in a wilderness environment that needs healing, generations before left her ravaged and in pain, but together we have nothing more important to do, least of all the need to update FaceBook daily..

When people try to grow crops using human knowledge, they will never be anything more than farmers. If they can look at things with an empty mind as a child does, then, through the crops and their own labor, they will be able to gaze into the entire universe.” Masanobu Fukuoka ‘Sowing Seeds In The Desert’

Inlakesh dear ones, some inspiration from the corridor of death, to the the vistas of paradise, what is more important than planting seeds daily, nourishing life, growing your own food, creating habitat and ecosystems.. This is the revolution at hand, it’s that simple, it’s that magical, you don’t need Malaria a dozen or so times to heed this message, you don’t need martial law, totalitarian rule, extinction & oblivion, corporate obedience & military compliance… We need clean air, clean water, clean vibrant food, a safe and clean home, we need inner peace, deep humility and conscious co-creation, we need thriving ecosystems and it’s all just a choice away!!!! 😉


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