Sustainability and Extinction

So where are we now as a collective, yes this depends upon our perceptions, and our perceptions come from our awareness, our consciousness, but really where are we………?Chief-Seattle

I like to diversify and expand my perceptions of reality as I understand it, by learning from others, reading books, watching documentaries, multi-media, nature, StarBeings, InnerSight etc.. Tune into this one – Awaken the Dream ~ Jay Parker ~ Apparently the offspring of Illuminati MK satanic families, who escaped and now shares his wisdom to ‘Be Light’, through knowing the dark… Beings like Jay that have escaped satanic ritual ownership and control are rare, very rare, their jewels of wisdom are priceless. Jay is supposed to be a 10th generation ‘Illuminati’, the number of completion as he see’s it, and has chosen Light over Dark, and his message is wonderful!  He share’s and highlights topics such as Organite, EMF protectors, Organics, Nature, Simplicity, Mind Control, Technology, Tyranny, Unity, Autism, Gaia, Indigo Children, Current Reality ~ 3/4 Light, 1/4 dark, it’s optimistic despite the horror he and millions have endured. It’s all here, listen to the wisdom shared, take it or leave it, but yea it’s time to wake up! Bury your head in the sand from interviews like this just as you bury your head to the estimated 800 000 and beyond ‘Missing Children’ every year in America… Where do you think they all go? Greens - Living LifeNow I have a reality check, an awareness check…. Be discerning… Let’s talk about permaculture, a system of design that aims to foster and promote ‘Sustainability’…. Now does anyone see any commonsense heart felt reason to promote sustainability in an Extinction Crisis, around 200 species a day becoming extinct??? Really come on, a ‘Sustainable Extinction Crisis‘, does that mean we can still listen to the band while the ship sinks, and the rescue ‘ship’ will have ample time to escort us off to some unknown safe-zone, maybe Mars?… Well I take particular offense to beings on Gaia who distract and manipulate freedom and ecological diversity… Tune into the interview above with Jay, it’s time to get serious, time to get seriously natural and organic, it’s not natural to participate in systems that profit and centralize control and slavery…

I’m not going to pervert anyone’s sense of discernment here, I will simply share my research… Permaculture was fabulous, and still much of it is, however it does not encompass the whole. And it is the whole we need to follow, like a spiral of DNA, we follow the whole, permaculture is now OUTDATED, a part of the whole that in many ways has separated itself from it’s Core Fundamentals and Ethics involved with Care of the Earth and Humanity 😉 Yes, the permaculture principle that see’s dominion over earth and animals as resources is outdated! Sustainable agriculture that involves the slavery and slaughter of animals to consume as “meat”, is quite simply outmoded, barbaric & cannibalistic, and very very UN-sustainable.. Want to know the new term we use to describe Permanent-Culture? It’s called Regenerative-Culture, those that heal, forgive, love, nurture, commit, revive, mend, awaken..

Regenerative Culture is the essence of Open Source, Anonymous, 99% culture, a culture here for the good of all, the advancement of humanity.. After all we are all one, my information is yours, mi casa, su casa, we share.. We left the Industrial Age eons ago it seems, meandering through the information age we have now entered the Consciousness Age, a Co-Creative environment that walks it’s talk.. Regenerate or Die Zombies! Information like ‘Permaculture Design’ is Humanities Right, not Humanities Privileged.

Without a doubt permaculture as it is stands is a path to heal the world and humanity. For those that have not engaged with it, consider it as preliminary to escape ‘society’, to live ‘sustainably’, to create habitats and eco-systems, ecological homes, to downsize and harmonize. However one of my other issues with Permaculture are the people who call themselves ‘teachers’ who run human cattle “courses” through their PDC’s, and they are not cheap, for example $2585 for 10 days … Look at all the pictures of them showcasing how many people they conned.. I won’t name names here, I’m being polite, not sure why, but you can ask me in private who I see as credible, through experience and discernment. This information should be free, if not nominal, affordable, for the betterment of Humanity, not a cash cow. The interesting thing is that my special friend Eilish the other day shared a link to Finally there is a collective that has enabled the ‘Open-Sourcing” of Permaculture.. Wahoo, that is where Permaculture will rest for the truly free, all you need now is some land, even just some soil, or vacant land to begin practicing in action the Principles and Fundamentals of ‘Sustainability’.

After we become aware of ‘Sustainability’ we can then entertain ‘Regeneration’..




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