Grow your Own ~ The Evolution Beyond Fear

Before you read any further please tune into your heart,,,,,,,,,,,,treeheart

However your spirit tunes into what we collectively call our heart, ,,,,, go there, take some time to do this, begin with your breath, align your breath with long rhythmic deep stomach breaths through the nose, with gentle peaceful pauses between Inhale and Exhale… The pause between is critical, the still point, our Zero Point, our Free Energy Point. This is how we naturally breathe when we are healthy, stress free, content.. Notice how most people these days shallow breathe, and even mouth breathe, both unnatural and unhealthy, both contribute to thoughts, feelings and decisions that are unconsciously aligned with our breathing, hence we live at a level of chaotic stress, an uneasy, yet accepted way of being and living, which is no co-incidence, it’s a program.. Most people breathe enough to feed the neck/throat charkra and blood vessels there, our voice charkras ~ notice how most people have soo much to say, most people talk and talk and talk, they talk over, they take over, and they talk and talk and talk,,,,,,.. Hmm now is this a coincidence? Don’t think about it,,,,,,,, Breathe in and contemplate, fill your lungs deeply, expand and fill your stomach, pause, smile, release stress and tension as you breathe out while you appreciate your now moment with a gentle smile.. REPEAT .,.,.,.,.., until your feeling good, natural, peaceful, content and appreciative. Have an attitude of gratitude as the saying goes.. From this place we can learn new things, we can expand our awareness, after all “if we beLIEve absurdities, we shall commit atrocities” Voltaire.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows ~ Melanie Joy

The global movement towards Freedom and Liberation is underway, we have protested, we have signed the petitions, seen the scandals, the set-ups, the corruption, the Ecocide, the greedy control, lies, deceit, grotesque and satanic political pyramid tyrants and scams, religious brainwashing and manipulation, corporate plunder and military thuggery…

We are essentially waking up to the truth, for some it hurts but for many it’s been hurting for far too long, everything is out of whack, upside down, inside out, most wait until they are near death with disease to discover the truth of their existence.. Nothing makes sense, why are there so many “whistle blowers” now? So many people are now risking their lives, jobs, and the big one, their Ego’s by sharing the truth to what they have been complicit.. Yet those who share the horrors of inhumane slavery and slaughter house activities, inhumane war and murder, are often incarcerated and mocked, to keep the deception train going.. Yes unfortunately the global arena has some insidious mechanisms to DE-humanise and enslave not only animals, but humans too.. Is it not simply common sense to assume the Law of Karma here and now, the inevitable results of our actions, when we enslave, slaughter and CONsume animals, are we not being enslaved, slaughtered and CONsumed by beings who make the rules and laws, are we not living the Panopticon of self imprisonment, are we too not being farmed?.. Want the get out of jail Key?

When plunder becomes a way of life for men (and women) living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorises it, and a moral code that glorifies it” Frederic Bastiat

If we take some time to look into our daily activities, actions and habits that usually operate through social and cultural conditioning programmes, we realise we are actually doing things robotically, operating on some sort of programme. Is this disturbing? This simple process of observing and questioning our ways and means can be extremely liberating and life changing, we can sense our interconnection with the environment and beings around us. Now this means your self-awareness realizes your interconnection with life, not death, your consciousness recognizes what is good for the soul, soul food, healthy, vibrant, natural, peaceful, blissful thoughts arise, you drop out of the Mind Matrix into the Heart Sphere.. You can navigate from either place and many more places when your consciousness and awareness are aligned, hence we can tune into nature around us, we can feel her as our Mother who shelters, nourishes and gives us our entire life, if she decided she’s had enough and walked out during the night we are all gone.. So begin to tune into nature, breathe in nature, infinite life, feel the gifts that bring your life into being and appreciate… In this intuitive peaceful space we access information beyond the veils of societal perceptions, social norms, religious dogmas, chains of control and fear etc, here we find truth, all knowing, inner peace………….. Hold this feeling inside as your living crystal holographic imaginary friend and see where it takes you, be your own ‘Whistle Blower’.

Bubble Love ~ A Message from the Dolphins

Contemplate the sphere, and the holograms that revolve around them, now see them as bubbles under the water… Dolphins have a message and a teaching which involves bubble control, they blow bubbles underwater and can control them in playful ways even keeping them from rising to the surface. Try doing this yourself, or imagining it, ,.,., Imagine from and through your heart, your breath, your inner bubble of oxygen and cosmic energies.. Enter your intuition, your right brain, relax, observe, feel, trust, appreciate, feel your deep breathing, feel the light in your breath, the Sun, crystal snowflakes of infinity. This is our natural state, here we do no harm, we care and have empathy for all life, we appreciate the wonder of life, we see beyond the constraints that have programmed us…

Garden mega mixFrom this place we can make whole, we can see the unity in all life, we can see the global and local horrors and injustice as evolution, we can realise peace within and on Earth, sanctuary and family in safety and love, where all life is a blessing, all life precious, and through our actions there is no faster path to this space and way of life than a Plant based diet, a Vegan diet.

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