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Let’s not beat around the bush, the “War on Consciousness” as Graham Hancock and others have termed for this particular moment in time, is being waged.. Don’t be fooled, nuclear weapons, political, economic, military force are simply parts used in conjunction with other weaponry to carry out the agenda. Most people do not realise this weaponry and force is being used against them daily, most even spend their precious time and money consuming them with apparent freedom of choice.. Pause and think about that, why do so many people buy packaged food laden with chemicals, hormones, pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, mutilated animal parts, toxic health products, plastic, petroleum toxic junk?…. Add the “side-effects” from the production and transportation sectors to the pollution, degradation, rape and destruction of ecology, habitat and community, and people still “BUY, bye bye.. Why, it’s simple, most humans are unaware, oblivious, numbed down, complacent, selfish, greedy, fearful and compliant, they have been bred like that, born into a system of slavery and servitude, gone are the whips and chains (from the mainstream media’s eyes anyway), today humans are drugged and poisoned, brainwashed and terrorized. It’s time to OverGrow and Unite as One….

Why is this so you may ask, this seems ludicrous? Yes it is! However is it better to remain ignorant to the lunacy, to the lies and deceit, to turn a blind eye, to distract yourself with blinkers and blocks, to contribute to the suffering and pain, no, you know darn well it’s not. Look into “population control” begin your journey home to Freedom, Sovereignty, Divinity, Peace and Care.. It is through understanding population control that you can gain a greater vantage point, an awakening that is best shared, the truth, one of the most important moments in the history of humanity.. Rather than being controlled and manipulated, we need to wakeup and unify, we need to come back to nature, natural living, beings of unlimited freedom and potential.. Your FreePotenize your imagination, see yourself free and unlimited, totally healthy, abundant, alive, alove.. Like onion layers of illusions they will fall off, you will shake your head at the things you once did, realizing they were truly toxic, weaponry used on you to poison your consciousness that you freely allowed and participated in. Mosanto is not the biggest monster we need to confront and OverGrow, it’s just one of them, albeit a very viscous and hideous beast.. Fear nothing, brutality and terror are low vibration weapons, soon to be erased from our Mother Earth through our collective collaboration, our actions, our hearts and intelligent compassion for all life..

OverGrow Monsanto, grow your own food, heal and regenerate the ecology around you, participate in wholesome natural peaceful creative activities and business’s..

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