Freedom given is Freedom found

OneSong Gardens is a Space of Love project, a Co-Creative way to heal our precious Mother Earth, to heal ourselves.. When we heal eco-systems we heal ourselves, we heal our home and we balance the duality, and reconfigure timelines that are Organic, Natural and MultiDimensional.. what do you doAs all ancient sustainable cultures have seen, recognised and warned, the material trauma based, fear controlled societies that worship temporary gratification, self-indulgent greed and hierarchical structures of mass delusion is ending. When we dedicate our lives to activities that are natural, simple, beautiful and peaceful, when we do no harm to other living beings and nurture the life and ecology around us we generate the timeline of cosmic union.. The awakening many of us are feeling and experiencing is the re-emergence into cosmic citizenship and freedom, we are awakening our divinity, sovereignty, our pristine origins our true nature and essence, and the true nature that is our Mother Earth. Activism is Art in Co-Creation, let’s unite and share the spark of light and love, let’s join as one to co-create paradise, to protect and make sacred, for we are the ones we have been waiting for..

The film below is Winter 2013 here at OneSong, a Vegan Edition.. I hope it inspires you to get back to nature, to explore nature, to feel and tune into the frequency of nature and natural time, this is where we can access the codes of liberation and freedom.

With Love and Rainbow Light

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