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Those who regularly read the information here on the Ark are aware of StarBeings, or StarSeeds, you are either one, or you are open to the energy and information from us.. No matter who you are if your reading this then let’s journey a little deeper into this frequency. If your children are “different” and you don’t understand them, please for their health and sanity and yours, read on..Star children

Many StarSeeds know Mary Rodwell who has dedicated her life to uncovering and documenting this phenomenon through her work Australian Close Encounter Resource Network  (ACERN). If you have any doubts about the reality of StarSeeds, or you want to know more, check Mary and the team out, it’s great to see research documenting this very real reality.. Soon everyone will know about StarSeeds, ET agendas and technologies, soon 3D reality as most commonly know it will be gone, for we cannot live like barbarians forever, Mother Earth is shifting, and so is life as we know it, and that is why StarSeeds and StarBeings are here..

The interview below with Mary is brilliant, Mary sums up and shares this mostly untouched and UN-researched taboo reality, and totally captures the essence of StarSeeds and our awareness of this current paradigm.. StarBeings are essentially not from here, we have come here for a purpose, but it comes at a price, a heavy burden of being displaced in some dimension that is archaic and barbaric, we find it heavy, brutal, and very low vibration, many suffer conscious memory loss of their StarBeing natures and reasons for being here, resulting in depression, apathy, boredom, drug use, anarchy, and even war. The all pervasive system that has cloaked this 3D Earth dimension with fear and trauma is much like a web, some call a frequency fence, which stems back and beyond through time/space to beings we shall refer to as “Negative ET’s”.. There are benevolent and negative ET races and StarSeeds, both factions working in, on and around the general human population.. It’s a handy survival mechanism to understand who is who in this game we call life, for beyond the veil therein lies/truth, our freedom and divine sovereignty..

“Fantastic Interview! I love Mary I love her work. She is and has been a total einstein rosen bridge for So MANY Starseeds and Cotactees, millions that are on Earth right now many not even knowing how important this wonderful ladies work really is.” Brian Miller

This interview and Mary’s research aweluminates the intricate deep and cosmic patchwork that lurks behind the scenes of the modern 3D material world. We can use this energy/information to dive deeper into who we are, what our purpose is, who our allies are, who our Star-Families here on Earth are and beyond. We can see more clearly the reality at hand, beyond our perceptions and programmers, our brainwashing from dead-ucation, slavery, media, banks, religion, military, cultures, norms and memes etc.. The greatest part of this is that we have the power and opportunity to light-up, to re-activate and turn on others around our bubbles, we have the tools and the energy now to live and be our StarBeing/GardenBeing natures..

Below are 5 doorways to explore that I have found intriguing and useful towards liberation from the current frequency fence and slavery system:

Beyond the internet we find our true essence, but used as a tool the internet is powerful when used in the correct fashion with purposeful and protected intent. We are all essentially free and divine, we have capabilities that far exceed the current world norms, and the internet is simply a playground to explore them. Be mindful of any Corporate spheres online, the main ones being Google and Facebook, both can infect humans with parasitic entities that are technologically sent through frequency/radiation packets, and they can overstimulate our informational brain neurons, suppress our empathy and intelligence, and leave us feeling wasted and worthless when we “log off”.. These services are not free, they have a price, modern corporations are well ahead of the game, yet most people willingly consent to giving them their life blood and energy, freely. See this article for a little innersight.. Worse than meth: Facebook is altering your mind and turning you into a slave.

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Until we meet again Inlakesh and Aloha

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