Beyond Permaculture

Abundance, Health & Freedom are simply elements of truth, care, peace, grace, appreciation & for-give-ness.. Another verse & expression of and for Love.

Beyond Permaculture

Those in the know and the now do not CONsume animals, we do not enslave, slaughter, profiteer or CONsume animals in our diets, we do not hide behind the reality that steaks, hamburgers, bacon, rump, mince or ribs are mutilated and most often marinated body parts.. Animals like humans have families, they have feelings, they suffer pain and fear.. Love and Care for all life in a sacred way, harmony in diversity is Eco-System in Co-Creation.

If you want to live in synergy with nature and grow your own healthy natural food, without causing harm to animals, then I highly suggest doing the course Food for health! Click Here!food 4 wealthWhen we Co-Create ecosystems and eat naturally, when we resonate with and share conscious cosmic daily habits and lifestyles, we create Paradise, we manifest Love, A Space Of Love within and out, the OneSong, our OneSong.

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