Food Forest ~ A Sacred Space of Love

Of all the opportunities in life, the experiences to seek, the places to go, the cultures and people to meet, discoveries & adventures to journey, none fulfill my Spirit, my BEing and DOing, more than daily Gardening and Living in harmony with Nature, the seasons and energies from the Stars and the Earth…

Diakon Gardening and Healing the Earth changes the vibration and frequency of the surrounding area, it harmonizes the local energy and balances the elements of life and co-creation..

When we garden and create living eco-systems we put into action our Divine Rights and Needs, we put out energy into nature, the natural living matrix that we naturally are attuned with, and we receive back a resonate energy frequency and vibration.Strawberries Natural living is healthy, it creates and generates Well-Being, generosity, observation, intuition, knowing, empathy, love and peace… If we spend our lives CONsuming like savages within the “Material World” lifestyle, we are essentially living in a false matrix, we are giving our energy and co-creative energies to this False Matirx, hence we are part of the problem.. If you vote for Governments still, if you watch and BElieVE Mainstream News and Media TV, if you don’t have a garden, fresh food, fresh living water, fresh clean air, a safe and comfortable natural home, then get busy manifesting it. Free your self from radiation, toxic people and places, or heal them, make more beautiful, be honest and caring. Listen to the great interview with Gordon James Gianninoto on the 25th August 2013 for a quick run-down of life as we know it during the Big Shift, covers so much!

When we garden ecologically we plant more than we need, we plant trees that we may never see mature, fruit seeds and trees for the children and generations who follow us, bushes and ferns for the birds and elementals, we include as much diversity as possible.

This takes dedication, commitment, and perseverance… Is there anything else more important I ask myself? The key to this way of life and BEing is a Do No Harm diet, a Plant Based Diet, a Raw Vegan Diet.. Paradise is shared, life in abundance and diversity creates joy, beauty, grace, freedom, cosmic consciousness and wonderment.. Sure there are parasites and vampires, energy thieves and toxic zombies that suck the life out of life. However it is my feeling that soon these forms of energy will no longer inhabit our realm, we will live in a reality where all Life is Sacred, we do no harm, we care for all Beings, ourselves, our cells, our friends we have not yet met, family we do not remember, beings we have never seen. Hence no parasites, no leeches, blood thirty psychic vampires, no ghosts or ghouls of the past, haunted houses or landscapes ~ the air will be clear and fresh, vital and magical, we will feel safe, loved, nourished, aware and free, no more lies, deception, or separation.

There are many efforts, groups and individuals participating and co-creating the New Humanity, some say ‘The Event’, or “The End Game’ that will usher in a totally new paradigm is just around the corner in September. The Banks, Bankers, Politicians, CEO’s etc are crumbling, arrests and treason against life are being issued and carried out for all who perpetuate and participate in the false matrix. “Monsanto and other companies will be closed and those responsible will be dealt with. No more insecticides or pesticides will be allowed. The horrible treatment of animals in slaughterhouses will be outlawed and man will learn the error of his ways and the planet will eventually become vegetarian. The lion will lay down with the lamb.

Rise up now for no one but we, ourselves, can break these shackles that hold our minds in fear. Do not be paralyzed! You must act for truth now, today, this very minute! Hold in your heart the source of all that is good, and beautiful, and true. Your intent, your willful action to do good, will resonate and the universe will respond. God speed to you all!”


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