Into the Wild ~ We are Free

The call of the Wild, our Inner Wild truth and BEing, can you hear it, can you feel it, do you live it?

In a Psychopathic dominated global culture, where Bankers control their willing slaves through corporate tyranny, mind control, and comfort, how do you maintain your health, inner peace, or happiness. Rainbow Garden LoveFor me it’s through Gardening, it involves healing the Earth beneath my feet and around my Space of Love, connecting with Animals, Elemental’s, Cosmic forces, Divine Essence within and out.. It’s a selfless, giving feeling that helps me shine daily. I also de-programme daily, I tune into people, information, 5D news and energies to ground and unite as One People… Ron Van Dyke is a perfect way to start your day, Wayshower, Visionary, Poet, Mystic, Man of the One People, Awake and Aware..

Some Inspiration from OneSong Gardens ~ The end of Winter 2013

“There is NO government. “Governments” are only corporations. What almost everyone calls ‘the government” is a de facto government.  The Governor General, herself, admitted this. We are in anarchy; i.e.: NO government. The employees are not authorities; they are servants who have stolen from us. Quit sending letters which only prove you believe that they have authority over you and that they are the de jure government –neither of which is true. Quit saying “the government” when what we really mean is, “a private, foreign, belligerent, for-profit corporation whose intent it is to diminish the supply of cash on the planet, so that we kill one another in order to get our mitts on it.”  Corporate “laws” apply only to fictions and we were conned into believing, for far too long, they had something to do with us. Quit believing you are a fiction.

ALL employees of courts, governments, law enforcement, banks, collection agents, IRS, CRA, etc., as of September 1st, 2013, will be held accountable for crimes against humanity which include: refusal to settle accounting; and, prosecution of fraudulent claims.”

During this Global Shift we as a collective are experiencing, it’s critical to connect with your inner Divine, Free, Sovereign, Wild Natural Being and Doing.. If there is wilderness near you, make some time/space to explore, roam, immerse yourself there, get away from all man-made radiation, noise, pollution, duties, energies… Re-Connect with who you really are, and take this feeling and knowing back with you home, to your community, it is time we Activate, to Wake-Up, to Wake others up…

“If you’re the kind of person who pays attention, the first journey to Alaska is disorienting, if not downright shocking; it is the primal shock of feeling the true wilds for the first time, and the realization that something wild within us has been living in captivity – tamed, domesticated, neutered. Long dormant genetic memories begin to stir. You begin to sense for the first time, not at a cognitive level but at a primal feeling level, that you yourself are a part of this wildness, not separate.”

Let’s share, unite, love and awaken to our infinity and divinity.. Inlakesh and thankyou


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