Babylon is falling ~ Are you ready?

The War on Consciousness carries on.. So does the resistance..

October 1, 2013, US Government Begins Shutdown!–320-million-day-20131001-2uq0y.html

Tvegan proofoday Chemtrails, yesterday 2 Military War Jets flew over and around us 3x or more! I managed to get some footage as they came back, this time a little further over the mountains.. They flew meteres over a resident Eagle Family/Nest, on the mountain just above our Space of Love.. One Eagle took flight into the sky seconds after it’s pass, clearly disolving the energy of War and Ruthless Greed and Control..

Nature and Natural living, co-creating Spaces of Love, BEing and DOing Love, connecting our Mother Earth with Cosmic Divine Energy within and out… This is our time, our home, our Planet Love, Gaia…….

Stay in Love, and share Love, Do No Harm, Animals are our friends, not our dinner!… Adopt a Vegan diet based on ethics and morals, walk your spiritual talk, your talk about community and peace, care, love and nurture… Even better go Fruitarian or Breatharian… 😉

Beware of False Flags, mass hypnosis, stay as close to the Earth as possible, tap into Cosmic and Divine Frequency, allow the 3D Material realm as it is to morph. Observe, find and give peace, accept, heal, nurture, create & love, we need to keep shining during this passage ~~ and we will!

“DID YOU KNOW ITS a WAR CRIME TO PAY INCOME TAX TO A “GOVERNMENT” (a private corporation pretending to be gov) THAT is WAGING an UNLAWFUL WAR (murdering millions of innocent human beings for profit and to steal all their stuff)?” Grant See

Latest Update ~ US in SHUTDOWN ~~~ Oct 1 2013,,, Be Prepared, some BIG ripples are going to shake this bubble we call Planet Earth..

“A bitter budget fight has led to a US government shutdown, leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay cheques and shutting down federal services all over the country.
It means around 800,000 workers will have no job to go to, and international icons like the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon and Smithsonian Institution will close their doors to the public.”

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