Rainbow Spring ~ Life in Bloom

It’s been a while since posting anything from the Ark, Spring is the busiest time of Wonderlandthe year for us Gardeners and Earth healers, so it’s all hands on Deck!

+ the Spring rain has been slow, very slow, just a couple days of nice rain and that’s about it, so to keep everything alive, to help life bloom and blossom has been a challenge. Water = Fertility, so the River has been a blessing like no other, pumping water up then gravity feeding down to the gardens. She will survive until the rains come, then she will thrive, so too will all life, the Animals and Humans, there is nothing quite like too much rain, nothing like a raging River, nothing like the power and energy from Electrical Storms, the surge of ultimate reassurance that we are indeed Cosmic, we are Divine Essence, we are Alive!Bree Riding

This post is dedicated to Bree, a beautiful soul who recently came here for a months Innership, she cleansed, healed, danced, played, gardened and expanded her consciousness and vitality, all the while making OneSong more magical and abundant. I’m not afraid to say I shed many tears when she left, ,.,., Thankyou Bree for joining us and making more beautiful! You are missed and we hope to see you here soon feasting on Watermelon and other fruity Summer delights..

In a time of deep change, when many of us are realizing that Corporations and Banks are masquerading as Government, when profit, competition, greed, control, aggression, fear and terror dominate, used to keep humanity in CONsumer material slavery, we the One People are uniting and sharing the truth. And rather than protesting, rather than getting angry, indulging in fear porn, feeling helpless, we have the power to create paradise, to regenerate landscape, heal the ecology around us, we have the choice to fill our moments with love and beauty, to create Ecological Magnificence.. We can and need to be the Change! Sure we have a big job ahead of us, but we no longer need to nor should we wait for the green light, for some outside authority to ‘allow’ us to choose Freedom, Love, Vitality, Peace on Earth.. Join us, get active, dig in and ground into nature, protect and regenerate the life around us, unveil the dormant Seeds, plant a forest, paint a radiant now moment and share it with others..

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