StarBeing Nov 2013

An elixir of the current energies……..

What is not happening on Planet Earth right now? Seems we have anything and everything happening all at once… What an immense time/space… The question then is how is your light body traveling, how is your journey, are you on purpose and path, are you alive, connected, aware, tuned in, are you feeling liberated, activated, free, Light, Love? commet ison

Let’s ground, and lets fly, let’s magnetize and electrify, it’s time for the above and the below to unite… How you do it will vary from me, we are all unique, we all have different gifts, hurts, habits, we all have our own journey and path towards being whole… Being whole for me is being filled with as much Light-in-form-ation as possible, frequencies that resonate, stimulate, and co-create, feelings and energies that are multidimensional ~ Love… Most of this I obtain from nature, direct from the Sun, Stars, Wind, Earth, Water, Air, Fire.. Animals, other Humans, synchronicities, revelations, and the internet are other ways..

Below are some Internet versions, an elixir of StarBeing Consciousness & Cosmic Updates…

If your interested in the Stars above, then get Stellarium ~ “A free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. … And if possible sleep outside under the Stars!

Tune into ~ “Astro-Cosmology* – A Unique Synthesis of Multiple Metaphysical Sciences for infinitely deeply tuning into the causal planes. Empowering overall well being and Maximizing our Full Potentials via multiple lenses into the causal, in all realms of our lives, personally and collectively. Utilizing Universal Lenses into, and through Languages of the causal ; Energy, frequency and Vibration, via Astrology, Mayan / Pleiadean Cosmology and infinitely much more.”

Study the links below and take action!

Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance

“With its relentless solar flares and a magnetic field that is set to flip, our sun continues to be a major catalyst of an aggressive, planetary wide repolarization.

People everywhere are feeling the transforming effects of a super amplified energy field that is now entering. From physical body changes to non-stop ‘downloads’ and developing new abilities, the intensity of upgrade is undeniable.

Could it be that the cosmic rays rippling through our sun are recoding our atomic structures to quicken our vibratory spin? Certainly with less density, we can translate greater spectrums of light frequency. We may even transition out of our carbon skinsuits and into that of multidimensional silicon crystal!”

Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2

The false-light demiurgic parasites known as the “Lords” of Karma are perhaps the worst violators of free-will that I have encountered, second only to the corrupt demiurge itself.   They are the primary gatekeepers that allow or deny beings access into and out of the demiurgic system, and as such, they must be exposed.”

Alien Intervention on Earth

“Society is so unjust, so inequitable and so destructive to our environment, you’d have to ask was it purposefully designed that way? How can it be anything other than a conspiracy, when just one percent of the population own most of the wealth at the expense of the other ninety nine percent? Is there an alternative, synthetic agenda this Opposing Consciousness has in mind? To me there is only one answer: resoundingly Yes!

Considering themselves more advanced and having the ability to intervene almost at will, they have shaped the very fabric of society, showing about as much consideration for humanity as our industrial food chain does for animals. It’s a mirror which we are all invited to thoroughly digest.” crop circle

Commet Ison or whatever it is, is very close, there is so much info about it, who really knows what it is, what it will do, what the significance is.. Intuition, feel into it, we cannot know everything here in this 3D world, we cannot know what will happen, what the entire symphony sounds and looks like, but we can tune in, feel in.. Stay Alert, Aware & Activated!

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