Tasmania ~ A Sacred garden Sanctuary

Destination North Tasmania, to do a Bio-Dynamic coruse… Along the way we visited as many places as possible, waterfalls, wilderness, mountains, roaring wild Ocean, peace and serenity within Old Growth Temperate ForestsRainbow Yatch..

They say dreams are visions, our calling, our intuition, and when you see your dreams in Rainbows manifested on Earth you know your on path…

Below are some images from our Tasmanian Voyage… Listen to Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd while you view the pics.. View in Full, the image quality is quite good and best seen in Full.

This post is mostly visual, I will write more about Bio-Dynamics and Cosmic Gardening in the next post.. For now injoy the beauty and power, the magic and awe that is still alive and thriving in Tasmania…

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