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As OneSong and the Ark of Light sail the Cosmos, it was only a matter of time until Biodynamic’s and Biodynamic Gardening came into focus… Organic/Natural gardening is great, however if your soil is not Regenerating and building Humus and deep fertility, then it’s only a matter of time until your system collapses… Biodynamic’s apparently makes Organics work, and when you study up it’s clear that Biodynamics is indeed healing and regenerating the soil and microbial life below, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcreating rich and abundant fertile soils, and hence nutrient dense plant matter…

Check-out How to Save the World by Peter Proctor and Friends, discover how Indian Farmers are turning to Biodynamics to save their Ecologies, Communities and Culture… Very inspiring, the full version is available for free ūüėȬ† “In general, using biodynamic methods and preparations creates deeper topsoil, increases root mass and depth, increases carbon capture and water holding capacity of soils, improves plant health and raises the yield and flavour of all farm and garden produce.¬†

Below is a short film of our trip to Tasmania, a road trip to our Biodynamic course and beyond! 

The brilliance of Biodynamics is too Cosmic to discuss here, there’s loads of information out there about it, courses, books, DVD’s etc.. “Biodynamics involves the use of a wide range of techniques including the all-important Biodynamic preparations, a series of biological materials that powerfully develop soil microbial activity, root growth, humus formation and light metabolism. Other techniques include Biodynamic composting, careful cultivation methods, and the use of a scientifically based moon and zodiac planting chart to enhance production. Biodynamic soils become progressively darker, more friable and fertile, and develop open structure and fertility to greater depths. Biodynamic plants develop superior flavour and nutritive qualities. Biodynamic fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer than conventional or (non-BD) organic produce.

What I want to discuss here however is the Preparations...

Now being a sensitive soul and eating mostly a Raw Vegan diet I like playing with Animals and smelling flowers… Yet some of the BD preps (Biodynamic Preparations) use body parts of dead animals and stuff them with flowers and herbs.. The BD Prep 505 Oak Bark, is made by stuffing the skull of a domestic animal with Oak Bark, while Prep 503 ~ Chamomile Preparation 503Chamomile, one must stuff the beautiful daisy flowers into a cow’s intestine… There’s of course a deep cosmic/scientific/philosophical meaning behind why Steiner suggested these things and others, but TBH, it feels a little outmoded and antiquated…

Today during the Age of Aquarius it no longer seems fitting to do these things, surely there is another way, just as practical and effective, without the mutilated body parts..

The Evolution of the Outmoded

At a recent course we attended in Northern Tasmania at with Ute, we brought up the messy, uneasy queezy feeling we had about some of the Preps and Ute suggested we investigate alternatives.. “Hardcore Steiner Adherents” would not question alternatives, but like any dogma and boundary that does not resonate it’s time to adjust/tweak… Steiner lived at a time where cow horns were easy to come by, murdered animals were commonly considered food, fur coats and hats attractive elegant attire.. Today I prefer my Animal friends alive and if they depart this world and leave their physical bodies the last thing I’m going to do is hack them up, steal their organs, get covered in blood like a crazed parasite and stuff my hands down their entrails… No I will dig a hole, cover them with one of my shirts, put herbs and flowers on them, some crystals, then Earth and a Tree… So the ethical/moral issue here is not simply historical, it’s cosmic. Where did Steiner get his information and why is there now Certification required for something that originally came from the head of a man… Steiner was not certified, he dialed into cosmic consciousness and shared his heart/spirit, his intuition and intelligence.. Obviously Steiner was not Vegan otherwise his downloads/teachings would have incorporated this essence.. Possibly it was uncommon during the early 1900’s in Germany to be Vegan, but today being Vegan = Conscious Co-Creation… Being compassionate is important to me and many other ethical/moral/health cosncious Vegans/Vegetarians, so it only seems natural and evolutionary that BD ascends and transcends teachings that are nearly 100 years old… What can we keep, what can we adapt, morph, eliminate, expand upon, how can we make BD Vegan/Vego?

Firstly BD preps can be made using alternatives to the mutilated body parts of animals. What are these alternatives, I’m not sure yet? Tune~in, what do you see and feel to be an alternative, an alternative that is more harmonic and gives better results? We are going to need to experiment with this, test and research what works, so if your interested in doing this then please get in touch, the more bright minds gathered the better..

If we can transform the strange, kooky and gruesome elements of BD into alternatives that work equally well, BD will expand much quicker than it currently is.. Sadly BD is lacking momentum, most people do not really understand what it is… Yet Permaculture is taking off, why is this? I have a feeling that Permaculture resonates with mainstream consciousness, it harps on about the catch phrase “Sustainability” which attracts mass followers and subsides.. Sustainability of a declining degrading system, an Extinction Crisis? Sustainability is simply a New World Order Depopulation meme, an Agenda 21 plan to eradicate and control Humanity and Planet.. Yet Biodynamics is Regenerative, BD is Cosmic, and when ones tunes into the Cosmic musings of Steiner and the like, when one tunes into their own Cosmic Consciousness we experience enlightenment, fulfillment, abundance, freedom, joy, co-creation, family, harmony, yes all the beautiful things of life….

Biodynamics definitely has many answers towards healing our Mother Earth.. Organic monocultures do not, sustainability does not, and permaculture has some.. We need to go beyond permanent culture, sustainable agriculture, we need to leap into Cosmic Culture, Cosmic Gardening and GardenBEing, Harmonic Earth Healing and living lives of Regeneration & Restoration… When we regain our Galactic Citizenship, our StarBEing, when we once again use only Free Conscious Cosmic Energy,¬† and our Mother Earth “Galaxy Heritage Listed”, then will we see the fruits of Biodynamics, the Vortex and Spiral, the infinity within the macrocosm, the multidimensionality of the cosmos above and below, within and out…Spiral Galaxy

Life here on Earth is not about making money, it’s not about growing enough fruits and vegetables to sell, or to eat, it’s about creativity, bliss, expansion, mystery, adventure, care, love, and when we integrate BD practices into our lives and gardens we live like Cosmic Beings of Light… So lets evolve the Outmoded aspects of Biodynamics, lets ground the Cosmic influences in our hearts, minds, deeds and acts, it’s time Humanity regained it’s Spirituality and Unity as One..

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