The Cosmic Garden ~ And the Organic Human

Aloha lovers and Beings of resonate frequency..

Sending & Seeding Polynesian DreamingRainbow DNA Activation, Nutrient Dense Food, Ecological Rehabilitation, Wonder, Magic, Freedom, Infinity, Love and Harmony to you…. Grounding multidimensional energy and abundance, sharing with you.. 

It’s Winter so “Bear” with me, we’ve not been idle, nor have we been sleeping, there’s wood to chop, animals to feed, plants to nurture, fences to fix, water to collect, soil to heal.. It’s that time of year to finish off some long overdue jobs, start some new projects, prepare for frost, and if all goes well there is the much needed Art, Reading, Yoga, Healing, Zen, Social, Love time/space…

If your into Cosmic StarBeing frequencies, memories or musings, you love to Garden, heal, nurture, make more beautiful, walk more naturally, then listen to this succinct and beautiful expression by Magenta Pixie about the “The Organic Human (Activating Rainbow DNA)”…

The Organic Human is basically a StarBeing, many are Indigo’s those resonant with the frequencies of Mother Earth, Stars, higher intelligence, peace, compassion, and as Magenta pointed out mostly Vegan or Vegetarian.. Do No Harm, it’s simple, it’s intelligent and it feels great knowing you don’t murder innocent beings for taste or entertainment. Organic Humans ground multidimensional energies which are usually “fenced” off from “normal/standard” linear rational economic western operating systems and the “mainframe fear MK” slave/drone Gregorian 24/7 labrat human.. Grounding these multidimensional energies into the Earth, Each-other, into Animals, Flowers, Co-Creating Habitat, Sanctuaries, Saving rare heirlooms seed, all these things help balance and harmonize the darkness and pain much of the world is now experiencing… Stay in your Heart, use your Head for Wisdom, your hands to help, your empathy to uplift someone near you in pain…

More updates coming ASAP, there’s a BioChar Video in the worX, an Autumn in the Garden video, and some information about Parasites, Chemtrails, Psychopaths, Pole Shift, Consciousness, Health & Freedom.. Please get in touch if you want to connect, visit, learn more 😉 Inlakesh

Made With Love


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