Alert ~ Chemtrails and Geoengineering in Process

Heads-Up Humanity/Australian’s ~~~ Fresh in ~ Geoengineering Alert, NSW, and the entire East Coast of Australia and New Zealand.. Take a look at the evidence..

Chemtrail sky August 15 2014August 15 2014 ~ Prior to an expected 80mm of much needed rain… Northern NSW Australia.. Chemtrails, white-out, total cover…

Alert States:  Southeast Australia and New Zealand

Alert Level:  PINK

Detected:  8/14/2014

On August 14, 2014 reporters in Eastern Australia had given a pink alert reading to us.  These readings have come into the website from three stations across Eastern Australia and New Zealand.

This type of alert is rare and has not been seen for a very long time across these areas.  Whether it means bad weather or a large earthquake has yet to be known.”

August 15 2014 Pink Alert ChemtrailNotice the direct relationship with the current Pink Alert image above, and the system below taken at the same time…

August 15 2014 Chemtrail Cloud MassNotice anything?????? Notice there is no rain even? It was a BIG system with lots of rain expected, falls up to 80mm yesterday predicted… Keeping Australia in drought, sinking us further into Ecocide, Genocide and Slavery… .. Climate engineering at it’s most insidious…chemtrails now or neverEven Europe and the US are not being blasted with this much HAARP frequency, toxic fallout.. Wake-up humanity/Australia from your Corporate GMO slumber, this is a message, a dire warning, the beings doing this are complete Psychopaths, they have no care, remorse… Look-up, detox, boost your immune system, listen to 528hz freq and 936hz freq to heal Pineal gland… Serious stuff, we as a collective need to help end this ASAP……..

August 15 2014 Chemtrail Pink Alert world

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