Timeline Harmonic Balance

Happy Equinox Magical Beings of Light !

A Powerful time to align, to harmonize with Balance, BEing and DOing our Path and Purpose, sharing our gifts with those around us… twinloveAs the Media Propagandist machine, the global ill-usion of authority and control through deception, slavery and oppression try with all their might to ‘lock-down’ humanity and ecology into a humachine cyborg, we of the Light and MultiVerse offer an alternative…

New Earth Nation is one of the alternatives, the ways, along with Ubuntu, Permaculture Food Forests, Spaces of Love, Conscious Communities and Co-Creation for the highest good of all.. We do no Harm to others, we treasure Animals as sacred and sentient, they are our friends, ancestors, we do not eat them, or cause them suffering, hence we too are not slaves caught in the matrix.. The karmic wheel of slavery ends with our intentions and our consent to Love and share Balance and Health for all, equality for all..

The powerful short video below highlights the alternatives we have on offer.. Cultivate your Hope and Faith that Universal Law/Lore and Love will, just as galaxies and flowers spiral outwards in a natural evolutionary sequence of unfolding and expansion to the light, shine and radiate your beauty and light for all.. We have a choice, lets make that choice count, today we have the choice to unite as one Humanity, One Love, and tomorrow we have that same choice, “What would Love do with me, through me, as me Now” Uni_T Dave.

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