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As we move into Spring, the rain begins falling, flowers bloom, Bee’s frolic, Ducks make babies, rainbows radiate and ground.. It’s Amazing how frequent and powerful the rainbows are here now. Today was a perfect example, after light rain and a bight to eat, the Sun parted the clouds and shiny shimmery light graced us.. I now know these moments are rainbow Co-Creation moments, I grab my camera and simply look for them, most often they are very dim, almost invisible, similar to viewing human Aura’s. The one below was just like that, barely visible.. But I keep on watching, manifesting, feeling & appreciating..Rainbow Spring 2014The more I gaze and feel the rainbow energy the greater the manifestation. Almost like playing an instrument, acknowledging the beauty, radiance, energy, the cleansing, healing, the grounding of multidimensional energies, Universal Law.. Deep appreciation seems to be the key, understanding the whole, the seasons, cycles, the high’s and lows, seed to seed, flower to fruit, electric/magnetic, Cosmic/Earthy, all entwined within, feeling harmony, oneness, peace, joy, empathy & love.. Rainbow Spring And Wham!, there she/he is, one of the most potent rainbows ever!

They weaving of timelines, the merging of the rainbow bridge, the alternatives to Tyranny, Slavery and Oppression.. It’s clear there is a direct and distinct relationship between our thoughts, diet, path and purpose, and with our Health, Happiness and Consciousness. If we are aligned with Love, with Healing, Nurturing & Co-Creating, we naturally Do No Harm we choose a Vegan diet, we realise eating Animals is Violent and perpetuates the global Slavery, Terror, War, Victim/Victimizer, PainGame Matirx. If you really do love Animals then you surely would not regularly eat them, just as you would not eat your dead lover or parent, or want them to eat you. The audio below is beyond what most understand about diet and eating dead Animals, it all rings true, powerful yet revealing… This is A MUST LISTEN for all, especially those who eat Animals and are striving for Health, Vitality, Freedom and Love… The karmic wheel is very quick acting now, whereas in the past things took longer to manifest, even lifetimes, today it’s almost blatantly direct and almost instantaneous.. Be on the ever Path of Right action, Highest Good of all, nurturing your Space of Love within creates a Space of Love Out, as Above so Below, let’s co-create Rainbows, Peace, Creativity, Magic, Healing, Passion, Freedom, Joy… Inlakesh and indeep appreciation to all those with loving open hearts who read these words and feel these feelings, Thankyou..

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