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When your backs against the wall, your life’s on the line, your freedom, your path, your purpose, gifts, health,, what do you normally do?   When you have living beings and family who depend on you for support, nurture, care, union, safety, and your life is threatened, do you Run & Hide, Flight or Fight? Space of Love Northern NSW

Or do you Stand and Rise, Ground & Love, observe the situation without attachment/reaction and blame, without Victim/Victimizer blame game low vibe antics, and get on with it? Do you keep coming back to “Time-Line Love”? The film below is what we did, we Overgrew, we stayed path, we held the course, we persevered and stayed authentic to Universal Law, Do No Harm. Babylon Is Fallen.. A Space of Love is Growing….

OneSong Gardens – Permaculture Food Forest – Winter 2014

Over the last few seasons life has been a challenge to say the least.. For many this has been the case also, the oppression increasing, the force and threat from those around us, strangers, friends, even family and the so called “Governments” and “Authority” figures and characters, using tools of Manipulation and Isolation, illusion, coercion, deception, brainwashing, threats inducing fear and nervous system breakdown in many people.. For many at this precarious time in planetary history it’s either obey and conform or die … Please research what the pyramid below means to you and your family, your path and purpose, learn to discern what makes the reality around you.. What is your role and participation in the slavery system?… Until you take back your control, your consent, your awareness and agreement to what is, your divine rights, your essence and the Universal Law that governs all life, you are in this pyramid somewhere, you are being fed off by the “Queen of England” and her satanic bloodlines and groupies…Control of HumanityThe tyrants AKA “Governments” are actual Corporations, they are profit driven, traded on the stock market, ruled and controlled by higher more insidious deviant “intelligent” beings and energies.. The story of your enslavement is slavery by fear, slaughter, inbreeding, sacrifice, torture, violence, a Karmic Loop of multidimensional possibilities, but if you want to lessen the Parasites grip on your energy, your timeline and genetic path/ancestry, listen to interview below..

Mark Passio About Meat-Eaters

Empower yourself with Raw Living Food, Grow your Own, tune into Divine Sovereignty and Love, http://www.newearthnation.org/, walk the path of heart, peace, strength and freedom.. Defend the defenseless, the innocent, remember it’s not food if it was murdered and enslaved, it’s violence.. Respect those who protect life, not those who demand it!Its not food its violence

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