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Interesting times? Wholly ShitBatz! Seems we have lost “OUR” weather, it’s been hijacked by pirates, much the same as our “Governments”, our Health, Intelligence, Media and Freedom…  Unless of course you live somewhere over the rainbow… Where are the Natural clouds and weather patterns gone, the ones Nature makes?Paradise Rainbow

Speaking of, just over the range where there “WERE” a colony of Bat’s residing in Tree’s along the Clarence river, 2000 possibly many more died from extreme heat the other day… Extreme it was, it was hotter and more dry than I have ever experienced, baking heat and no rain! Yes usually we might have a few days of extreme heat above 40 in Summer, possibly in Jan or Feb, and usually that would accompany rain and storms, but this is November and we had no rain at all.. Not this time, this genetically invented weather system was co-created for weeks, coinciding with the G20 in Brisbane around the 15/16th Nov 2014.. The gallery below captures our skies and what man/military created during the last few weeks of intense violence in the sky, an atrocity we all need to take action on… bats die casinoYou can see in some of the satellite images the chemtrails/geoengineering/weather modification/ creation coming right across Australia.. Who’s doing this? Shouldn’t we know, shouldn’t we know what is coming out of the Aircraft and what the American Military are doing, what the HAARP frequencies are doing? Should we not have a global lawsuit to bring this atrocity to an END ASAP, let alone an Australian Lawsuit?

For the last 3 weeks our skies have been almost religiously spayed by aircraft, passenger aircraft mostly it seems, most heading South.. If your not concerned about Chemtrails and Geoengineering, if Locking your Gate is all you can do, then do yourself a favour and buy a Gass-Mask and stop eating food and drinking water. The emissions coming from the planes above us are not Vitamins and Minerals, they don’t make the weather more harmonious, the air more vibrant, the climate more hospitable… The heat we have experienced along with the UV is totally intense, we are in serious trouble unless something/someone intervenes ASAP…chemtrailsSadly most have their heads buried in their eyefones, they are CONtrolled by their corporate fictionsystemmatrix JOBS and fuckedup greedy selfish lifestyles, and looking up at the strange clouds and wandering WTF they are and who made them is a thought program they apparently cannot access, let alone do anything about. However the reality above the ostrich with it’s head in the sand is a dangerous and utterly out of CONtrol experiment, and we, including the ostrich and the MindKontrolled walking dead are included.. This effects us all, frogs, birds, our food and water, our so called “River” is all but a pond, and who knows WTF it’s contaminated with now…Try call the EPA and see if they offer any help lol….

A powerful message from another OurSelf, Inlakesh ~

“I had to go to the doctors yesterday to get a certificate. I am not a fan of the mainstream medical paradigm, I think it makes more people sicker than helping anyone and is part of the elites agenda to poison us. But I needed a piece of paper from the great authority of our society the legal drug dealer, the doctor. Whilst waiting ages in the corporate pharmaceutical super clinic. I perceived the sick, oppressed and mainly older people in there, and thought about how this criminal society feeds off them and makes them sicker. I decided to use my waiting room time constructively and phone the EPA, what better place to do it. I want lots of people to witness this. Especially the unaware ones. I was also feeling quiet passionate, as the day before this whole region had been bombarded with chemtrails, you woulld have to have your eyes painted on, to not see this.

So yesterday, a bit outraged, I phoned the EPA to question them in regards to the lingering clouds trails coming out of the planes. I explained to them that I have been an avid sky gazer my whole life and seen many a contrail which dissipates after a few minutes at the most, the trails coming from the planes that I have perceived at late have lingered in the sky for hours, sometimes all day. The last few weeks has been a bombardment of these lines, making a grid cross formations all over the sky. I highlighted how unusual this is. I also highlighted about how it has been effecting the weather patterns and people’s health. I asked the woman at the EPA is she was aware of climate or geo engineering that has been occurring globally, especially in Western countries. She said that she did not know what I was talking about, denial. I think this is odd, as big guns like the WHO and the UN have spoke of their global climate engineering agenda in the public media. How can global organisations be able to do this without the government being aware of it? I asked her. She told me there was no such thing, what I was seeing were simply contrails. She said a lot of people had rang up the EPA lately and were all deluded into thinking there was a government conspiracy to poison everyone. She laughed after this, as if all these people are just simply delusional nutters. She then asked me why am I reporting a government ‘conspiracy’, to the government? I said are you not supposed to be the Environmental protection agency? She said yes, and we do not deal with ‘conspiracies’. I said that this goes beyond the Australian government, this is a global issue, this is occurring worldwide. Many people globally have done independent scientific tests of water, soil and air residue and found an alarming list of carcinogenic substances, such as aluminum, mercury, lithium, barium, lead, to name a few. The EPA lady in a mocking tone was like oh yeah? I said to her look around you, do you not wonder why everyone is getting sick, why nearly half our population has cancer? By this stage I was a little too passionate, as her response to my information was one very condescending patronising language. So I said let this be in your conscience, of you have one, when your family and friends start dropping dead around you, you will know why, and you will be partially responsible because of your position, and the apathy and denial you have chosen, I said one day you will and others, be held accountable for for denial and ignorance. By this stage the doctors surgery receptionist was pissed at me for talking passionately in a public waiting room and asked me to leave, so I hung up and got out of there.

So I think everyone needs to bombard the EPA and other phony govt organisations in regards to this. Also ask first the representatives name and address, so they can be held legally accountable for the information or should I say disinformation they are saying. If you know how record the conversation, and make it public. I forgot to do this, but will next time. Lets make their phones run hot! Also a lawsuit needs to be funded somehow. As these governmental agencies have contradicted and denied something we the people have a lot of evidence of. More independent soil, water and air tests need to occur locally also.

Or government denies the reality of this despite ‘official’ global sources admitting its occurring.” Star Being

The sixth great mass extinction on our planet is not off on the horizon somewhere, it’s here and now. We are statistically currently in the sixth mass extinction and are losing some 200+ species of plants and animals to extinction every single day. The video below accurately outlines many important facts. There are a few points in the video that available data disputes. Much of the aerosol spraying is payload dispersions with military tankers (not just fuel additives) and the current mathematical trajectory for total global extinction is even more immediate than the film indicates. Aside from these points, the video is an excellent compilation with a multitude of accurate facts that anyone can verify if they actually do objective investigation from multiple INDEPENDENT sources that are not connected to the “fossil fuel/military/ industrial/geoengineering/corporate media complex.”

A great comment from the article above RE what can we do?:

“Keep educating ourselves; keep talking about it; keep SPREADING THE WORD, and help to open eyes. Lets not worry about if others disbelieve us.. WE MUST keep the dialogue open. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD; everywhere, on FB and to strangers and people we know, don’t let complacency and fear keep us quiet; thats what got us here in the first place.. I believe, then we must ACT. Gather in marches and small batches and educate others and hand out flyers… But ACTION is required……And gathering TOGETHER. Then we have a chance to speedily shift things enough to where we may be able to climb out of these chains… TOGETHER>>>> Pass along this website…”

TimeSpace Love is what we need to always and vigilantly align ourselves with, otherwise like leaves falling off a dying Tree, we too will flounder and die as Babylon falls once again… At our core we are multidimensional beings of Light and Frequency, high vibration, intelligent and compassionate, but we need to feed ourselves the correct nutrition and liquids, we need to detox the heavy metals daily, eat more raw fresh home grown nutrient dense food, rest, stretch, mediate, love, nurture, give, share, unite, Be the Change & Be the Light… Most of all spend time in Nature, heal our Mother Earth, give thanks, appreciate, walk softly with barefeet, and help those animals and little creatures suffering from this human/alien agenda. We are Powerful beyond measure, we are the Way forward..Love is the weapon of the future



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