The end of an Era ~ Spring 2014

Some of the highlights of our Spring here at the Ark…

A difficult time/space to say the least, Geoengineering and Chemtrails caused serious damage to the ecology, temperatures through the roof, baking conditions over 40 degrees, with no rain, no humidity and skies full of toxic chemicals and heavy metals… A truly disturbing time, however we persevered, and kept watering, planting and loving what is alive, while shining the light on the atrocities overhead. Chemtrails AustraliaBeyond the intentions of those who pollute the skies and try to lock down humanity and all life, we see, know and feel that this is a phase, a period of chaos and re-alignment to true health and family.. Society as we know it is in severe crisis, modalities that are detrimental to the whole are manifest in the skies above us, chaos revealing an inevitable end to what was a system of greed and parasitism… It is up to us to be the change, the way, the light, to shine ever more brightly for those around us ready to heal, nurture and love, those ready to transcend the matrix of grandiose selfish ways and means… Dis-ease and mental chaos are rampant, along with CONfusion, CONformity, oppression and slavery, however that is a 3D/4D choice, timespace death…. Those of us healing and loving, living simply, caring for the innocent and the life that yearns for care, connection, love and peace are moving beyond, making pathways to higher frequencies and vibrations… TimeSpace Love is a choice……

Namaste Inlakesh’

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