Polynesian Dreaming ~ A Surfing journey to Lemuria

Why I went to Polynesia

It’s been a while since posting anything, life has taken many unexpected twists and turns, and the meaning Yoga in Paradiseand purpose to post anything of value has not been there.. It’s not an easy time for many of us, so many challenges and so many upheavals to face and deal with. For me 5 years in the wilderness of Australia trying to build a Space of Love, heal the land, and establish an offgrid conscious community has taken it’s toll..

This led me to leaving the Ark, and potentially selling the Ark, a forced passage to heal and nurture myself, a journey to re-discover who I am and where I’m going. So Noha’s Ark is turning virtual and more globally productive, a portal to help readers activate, invigorate & unite.

The sacred lotus and blue eyed eeel pond, facing the Open Pacific

The sacred lotus and blue eyed eeel pond, facing the Open Pacific

The short film below is from my journey in Polynesia, returning home to a land and people I resonate with and feel safe in. We are curious and social beings after all and no amount of gardening and earth care can fill us with the need to have family and tribe around us. This is the next passage, the journey ahead moving towards the innate human need for love, companionship, community and adventure..

Yoga is my Doctor and therapist

Yoga has for over a decade been my foundation to remain healthy, sane, cosmic and free. If you have not done Yoga, or your needing a new Yoga Mat, then follow my lead here and grab one an Eco Rubber Yoga matsManduka Eco Yoga matI took surfboards of course to the islands, but for the first time I took my Yoga mat. Usually I just use my board bags or do natural yoga where I can. And considering this Yoga mat is heavier than normal mats because it’s thicker, softer and natural I don’t take it. But this time I did and it was invaluable, I used it more than my surfboards, and pretty much was my most used travel item besides my computer.. If you order from the link through Amazon I get a teeny commission and that will help me out to continue working on this blog.

Conscious Community ~ Where do you call home?

I’ve been contacted by many people yearning to unite and build community, where that is I don’t yet know. As humanity drives itself further into technology dependance many of us are finding we need something else, we need a Space of Love that is moral, ethical, natural, healthy, peaceful, safe, and loving.. So although the path ahead is uncertain, I hope to expand beyond the confines and boundaries to share the light, to unite with like minds and hearts.. If your interested in connecting please do get intouch, united we thrive, divided we fall..

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