6 Keys to a Conscious, Healthy, Vibrant life

Ok let’s distill the 5 most powerful and profound  pathways I’ve found to find true health, freedom, sanity, love, passion and joy.

Over the last 5 years I’ve been living in a remote part of rural Australia, self sufficient & offgrid, I escaped Captivity and found another way. It wasn’t easy and I would not recommend this journey for everyone, however these 5 Keys will help immensely! 13 Keys - Seeds of Consciousness

The 6 Keys

I’ve done what few have ever done or will, I lived very remote, offgrid, I grew most of my own food, lived off rain water, solar power, and lived very minimalistic. I would go to town only once every 2 weeks and had very little social interaction with the outside world for nearly 5 years. I had no mobile reception and still don’t own nor do I know how to use a smart phone. I’ve meditated in nature most weekends instead of partying, and contemplated the nature of reality and freedom, love and pain.

This post is a synthesis of 5 years work, you can look back at all the previous posts made on this site and read more in-depth about these Keys, or you can fast track it all and drink it up! I’m sharing a number of links to products and pathways that will help you get there, and if you decide to take my advice you will be rewarded greatly! Let’s get into it!

1. Yoga & Meditation ~

One of the most trans-formative ways to heal and shine, I’ve been doing Yoga on a consistent basis for over 15 years and it’s one of the most essential parts of my life, even beyond Surfing! If I don’t do Yoga I don’t surf well, I don’t feel balanced, I don’t feel whole or as focuseManduka Yoga Matd as I do when I consistently do a yoga practice.. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay youthful, and optimistic, and it’s easy to learn. You can learn from a Yoga teacher and do classes, but for me I learnt from a book.

The book and style I learnt is called Power Yoga by Baron Baptiste, there are various stages and levels of practice, and you will learn much more than just Yoga. You will learn about health and well-being through diet and exercise, meditation and consciousness and much more. It’s written so well that I had no problems learning the whole sequence. The images and descriptions are perfect and describes the parts of the body your effecting and that for me was critical to understanding why it all works so well.

If your not able to learn from a book then I recommend using

You will need a good Yoga Mat, don’t buy a cheap plastic one they are awful to use, and they are not good for the environment. The best one I’ve found that is Eco, very soft, comfortable, durable and has lasted me about 5 years now, is the mat below. Just click on it to buy from Amazon and soon you will be in Yogi bliss paradise! You can see in the pic above I use a towel on the mat, this protects the mat, makes it softer, and soaks up sweat.Manduka Eco Yoga mat

2. Fitness & Surfing

Obviously we all cannot surf, we all don’t have access to the surf, nor do many of us want to surf. However I grew up surfing, it’s in my blood and it is a deep passion of mine I will forever hold close, it brings me sanity, vitality, freedom, adventure and total joy. That is why I’m sharing it with you, but for you it may be something else that gives you the same fulfillment.

Surfing taught me about consciousness, strength, passion, love, commitment, pain, glory and everything in-between and has brought me closer to death and life than Malaria. I’ve had Malaria about 13 times while living in New Guinea and exploring the Solomon Islands in search of remote surf, yet I always bounced back. I dream’t of the most remote never surfed place on the planet for 15 years and found it around 2005 which eventuated into SolSurfing, a surfcamp in the middle of no-where, uncrowded to this day, a place I highly recommend for any surfer looking for a place beyond the boundaries.SolSurfing surfcampIf you have never surfed then I have something for you! However even if you do surf then I highly recommend doing this surf fitness program, it will improve not only your Surfing skills and abilities, it will cover the whole experience of being a healthy fit off the charts Guru Surfer. Click Here to see what it offers!

Surfing health and FreedomCheck-out this great post about why Surfing is so addictive, and why it’s so meditative, difficult to learn and totally off the wall amazing! Surfing is Addictive

3. Pleiadian & Ringing Cedars of Russia books ~

Even if you don’t know much about the stars, constellations and the StarBeings that surround us and the infinity beyond, you have to read these books, they are totally amazing and coded beyond what we mere mortals can express here in this 3d. It may seem oFamily of Lightdd to choose these particular books over other categories of books, but when youPath of Empowerment read them you will understand why.

Essentially these books distill the paradigm we live in and beyond, the matrix, the void, portals and the truth. We are all infinitely divine and beyond what we have been told and taught, we have been suppressed and indoctrinated through schools, societies, religions, institutions, hierarchy’s and patriarchies, political/corporate/military structures and god knows what else. When you read these books you will reinvent your operating system and you will know why I’m suggesting them… Click on the books to buy them!


The Ringing Cedars of Russia are a must for anyone wanting to escape the matrix and remember our authentic divine and superhuman selves. It goes into everything, it’s coded and reads like a living fairytale and the information comes from a beautiful woman, a recluse in the Siberia taiga, a remnant of Pagan lore and life. It reminds us we are nature spirits, we are whole, magical and totally free beings of light, knowledge and infinite power and grace.. They will transform your life, and they are essential for families and children to read! If your into living in community, or thinking of starting a conscious community then you have to read them, and I suggest anyone in a conscious community reads them also.Ringing Cedars of Russia

4. Gardening & Permaculture ~

Why do many older people garden? It’s highly therapeutic, it’s empowering, healthy, improves fitness and co-ordination, it’s meditative and peaceful and their leaving the world a better place. If you think how much we humans take from the Earth, from shops and corporations throughout out lives then it’s only sensible to realise we need to give back.

When I began gardening decades ago I realised it was a gateway to higher consciousness and freedom, I gained so much insight into Humanity and Cosmos it literally changed my entire operating system, I became more independent, happy and fulfilled. The worries of the word left me because I was contributing to the good, I was actively participating in raising the vibration of our Earth, creating habitat and ecosystems for a myriad of life, and not just taking. This is why old people garden and why it’s one of the keys to health and vitality.

heirloom seedsI recommend buying heirloom organic seed, grow some for food, and others for seed so you don’t have to buy them again. A great product you might want to consider is the Seed Vault, they have other products in their range, but if your just starting out this is a great product.

I made a small video about seed saving and philosophy that may be useful also. Seed once was the mainstay of our cultures and ancestors, but as we progressed into the industrial age and have since relied on corporations to feed us we have lost this time honored and critical link between our health and freedoms. So I highly recommend the Art of seed saving as a part of your gardening regime, it’s an extremely powerful connector to the seasons and the cycles of life we are entwined within.

Bypass years of hard earn’t lessons, trials and tribulations to create your garden abundance. How? The best way you can fast track your garden abundance and diversity, doing it all organically anywhere in the world via Video tutorials and an Ebook is this course ~ Food for Wealth. It’s by far the most articulate and efficient way to fast track your garden abundance. I know because it took me about 4 years of reading books here and there, experimenting and testing, to get to a reasonable stage where my Garden was abundant and flourishing, capable of providing enough food for friends, neighbors and selling the rest. If you want a short cut then I highly suggest doing this course, you can do it at home, practice what you learn and in no time you will cut your food expenses in half, and be super healthy and self-reliant. Highly recommended if you are thinking of doing a self sufficiency lifestyle and you don’t have any time to waste.

Gradening AbundancePermaculture courses are popping up everywhere and although they are not a must do course, if your fairly new to living simply in harmony with Earth and Cosmos, and you want to build your own home and make it energy efficient and abundant then do a Permaculture course! For more info about Permaculture have a look through the site, it incorporates building Ecology, Food Forests, healthy human and natural habitats living in synergy with eachother.

5. Do no Harm lifestyle ~ Healthy, Moral and Ethical

vegan sheep appleIf it’s not common sense to realise we are all one and we don’t like harm being done to us, so why would we harm another beings. Steaks are not beef, they are cow’s, and bacon is not meat, it was a Pig, they were murdered and most often used and abused as slaves. Would you like this being done to you or your family members? Of course not, so if your still not sure what you can eat besides murdered animals, or if it’s possible or healthy then do some research. It is very possible, just progress as best you can from where you are, eat more fresh organic whole foods, detox, cleanse, meditate and contemplate where your food came from and how you feel.

There are many totally healthy and radiant Vegans in the world and you too can be one of them. If your new to this then Nutribulletget yourself a Nutribullet and juice up! You will raise your vibrations and frequency and you will realise you feel so much more radiant and aligned with the cosmos than you ever did. Our bodies are essentially made of light frequencies and we are nourished by nutKirlian_goji_cacaorients and enzymes and the light/energy in the food we eat. You can see how this works in Kirlian photography of super foods, it’s totally alive, and this is what makes us feel alive also.. So try to consume as many raw organic natural fresh foods as possible and you will know what I’m talking about. Again skip through the website as I’ve written alot about this particular aspect of life and living in the past. Here I’m just highlighting it as a Key, and the key is yours to use and turn when your ready, the payoff are feeling great, whole fulfilled, connected to the Earth, animals and all that lives and breathes. It’s a Moral and ethical journey which brings so much inner peace and can bypass the elevator to doctors and disease.

The Do No Harm lifestyle incorporates building healthy relationships and co-creative communities. This energy fosters other qualities like forgiveness, gratitude and appreciation, and brings us that inner feeling of Love and Unity.

6. Travel & Digital Nomad ~

It’s an obvious one to many people, but it’s one I neglected myself for many years. Although it’s good to ground down at times, but we all need to travel at various times, to either visit family, meet new people, explore our vast global backyard, the mysterious cultures that give life diversity and abundance..

As we travel we need to stay intouch, and many of us need to make $, so this is where the Digital Nomad comes in. Checkout my recent post “What’s a Digital Nomad ? – Learn how to escape captivity” on a new blog I’ve created about this particular topic

I highly recommend getting a Mac, I’ve done windows, and there is no going back, my MacBook Pro is reliable, gets no virus’s, it’s fast, intuitive, powerful and has not let me down. It’s the best traveling companion ever, it’s not the smallest of computers but I like the screen size and the power to hold loads of data and the size and weight is of real no consequence when considering what it gives. Macbook ProFor me being a Digital Nomad is a pathway to explore the world while working, meeting new people, expanding and appreciating life as it is. It’s a way to learn about life through cultural immersion and for me it’s the one Key that was missing in my 5 year sabbatical in the wilderness of Australia. I’m including this as an essential Key because being remote and almost a hermit from the rest of society for so long was not so healthy. It’s great to garden and tend to the Earth, but we do need to explore the world and connect with others and gain a greater appreciation of the world around us at times.

Without using Hostels and backpacking options, the best online service I’ve found to find a cheap comfortable room in most places in the world is Agoda.

I’ll be posting more info about Travel and working online as a Digital Nomad on my new blog Aloha Noha.

So that’s a wrap for now, I hope you find some gems in here and your life improves and becomes more healthy, vital and conscious.. If you have any stories to share please feel free to comment and share the vibe!






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