The magic that we grow

Sometimes we don’t need words, we don’t need advice, we just need nature..

Sometimes we can’t access nature, we can’t feel it, we can’t grow it.. But we can appreciate what others grow, and below is a small gallery of images from the Ark, showing the seasons, flowers, fruits and gardens..

Garden bliss

Images of plant and animal life, high frequency life captured digitally..

[img src=]320Bee flower
[img src=]50Bee flower
[img src=]70Garden produce
[img src=]50flowers sun river mushroom
[img src=]50food abundance
[img src=]1860Passion fruit Flower
[img src=]740Organic Roses
[img src=]830Grow your own fruit and vegetables
[img src=]640Golden Rose
[img src=]580Organic Grapes
[img src=]680Earth repair seed mix
[img src=]800Frosty garden winter
[img src=]730Frosty garden beds
[img src=]780New garden beds
[img src=]530Garden flower
[img src=]580Borage seed
[img src=]460Borage flower
[img src=]490Organic Carrot
[img src=]600Wild cotton seed
[img src=]690Green manure
[img src=]480Plum flowers
[img src=]450Native bliss
[img src=]430Herbs and flowers
[img src=]450Borage flowers
[img src=]410Lilly pink
[img src=]470Rainfores
[img src=]440Pink rose
[img src=]480Shiny hey star
[img src=]420Sunlight Fruit
[img src=]460Worms in the garden

It’s totally inspiring and sacred to live in harmony with nature, to walk barefoot on the Earth, to rehabilitate the Earth. This is a reminder to all those out there that nature is our home, nature is our life force, we need it, we need to give, nurture and be in harmony and alignment with the cosmological forces and planetary forces..

Our energetic balance is dependent upon our emotional internal light and love, nature can help us with this and so can co-creative community..Permaculture and community equal love and protection in the divineTune into this “time-less” episode from Yellow Star and Addi Strasser Aug 30 2015 – Life ‘Empower-meant’ via synergistic Holistic Applications such as Astro-climatology (Aug 30 2015). Its 3 hrs long, they explore the realities we are all confronting collectively and how we can navigate the chaos with light and love..

Use these images of Garden and Nature to inspire you to co-create paradise within and where you live, create a Permaculture food forest, a market garden, grow Organic and beyond, learn about Biodynamics, Astrology and eating fruit 🙂


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