Yin Portal ~ A reminder we are healthy in nature and community

A powerful Shamanic healing journey into the wilds of nature with like minds and hearts into the jungle beyond Chiang Mai Thailand.. Yum yum to nature and beautiful souls!

Chiang Mai shaman healing vegan health consciousnessThe images below capture parts of the journey, tbh I was too caught up in the now of being there to take photos of the whole trip, so this is just a glimpse. For best results click the lower right FS (Full Screen) and SL (Slide Show), kick back relax and injoy..

Yin Portal

A powerful healing shamanic journey into the Thailand Jungle

I really had no idea what the event was about bar hiking in nature and honoring the sacredness of life.. So when we arrived early Sat morning I was quite surprised what we were greeted with.. We had an opening ceremony, joined hands meditated as one and set off on a magical journey into the jungle.. In just a couple days we all shared wonderful moments with eachother and nature, we healed, visioned, meditated, played and loved. We all contributed Vegan food, shared in cooking, cleaning and nurturing, and we all totally loved the whole process.. Amazing!!!

healing, shaman thailand communityFor me this is a reminder we can find like minds and hearts no matter where we are when we tune in. We can connect to family beyond DNA, we can heal, protect, nurture and grow beautiful visions and pathways.. We are planning to do it again V soon, so I’ll do my best to capture more of the essence next time. For now, drink up the energy in the pics, yum yum!

If you want to come on the next journey which is shaping up to be totally Galactic & Sacred Earthy, get intouch either here, or on FB ~ Noha Iz.

For those that were there here’s what I saw & felt, your all beautiful souls, you helped me so much, thankyou, Inlakesh, Namaste & see you soon!


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