Black Earth & nutrient dense food – My first Kindle e-book

Ahoy there lovers of nature & cosmos

How to make your own Black Earth, grow nutrient dense food for generations to come, and restore your local ecology

I’m deep in the trenches writing my first Kindle E-Book and soon after that I’ll make it into a paperback if all goes well. I’ve been meaning to get this out for sometime but have not had the right time/space for it, until now..

Here’s a wee lil pic of my current home garden, my in-home internet cafe, and my retreat in nature all in one.. I’m in Thailand, Chiang Mai and have been fortunate to find a home in nature just a bicycle ride from the main humdrum of the city. It’s tranquil and not far from fruit, vegetables, and the joys of Yoga, swimming pools and cheap street food. I’m able to concentrate and put about 8 hours a day into writing the book, and hope to have it out in the next couple weeks on Kindle via Amazon and other formats after that. So blessed to be here, thankyou Teun!

If you want the book for free then email me your details

My first book, home, office and sanctuary

The book is about creating your very own Amazonian Black Earth. It’s about making the worlds most ultimate soil and how you can grow your own nutrient dense food. Ultimately it’s a how-to about restoring ecology, community, health, consciousness, vitality, freedom and love.

We are nothing without living vibrant soils, our cultures are built around healthy soils and food, ecology and our connection to the natural world. It’s quite clear to see the direct correlation of the destruction of ecology and the current extinction crisis with the collapse of modern civilization and global cultures. We are surrounded by wars, greed and deceit, we have been brainwashed into our very limited nature and value, our vast potentials within, our reservoirs that shine infinity towards health, freedom and sovereignty have been hidden with veils and lies.Black Earth - How to make your own

So it’s only fitting we bring it all back to the Earth and from there we begin once again to understand who we are, where we came from and where we are going. The Earth can either nourish us or kill us, we can either be dependent upon corporations or we can choose autonomously to build thriving alternatives that encompass well-being, creativity, divinity, freedom, community and sovereignty.

It all begins in the Earth, we need to remember this, we are nothing without the vital thriving Earth below our feet, our food is nothing but synthetic rubbish and our souls and consciousness are consequently of this frequency and vibration if we allow economy, consumption and greed to feed us.. It’s time to take back control of our humanity, our connection and empathy for the diversity of life, the ecology that sustains us.

Amazonian Black Gold - How to make it Free EbookThe book will explain all this and more, I will give you the methods I’ve experimented with as an alchemical biodynamic cosmic gardener to make the most powerful soil possible. I share the methods and ideas to totally overhaul your current garden and local ecology, to grow the most abundant mineral and nutrient dense food you can imagine. It’s quite simple once explained, you don’t need a tonne of resources or even much $ to make it happen, you just need the knowledge, the wisdom I gained from years of sweat, blood and isolation to come up with something I’ve not seen anywhere else.

Topics include:

  • Permaculture ~ Beyond Organic, Beyond Sustainability

  • Nutrient dense food

  • Terra Preta

  • Abundance and community ~ Creating a Space of Love

  • How to make the soil

  • How to use it

  • Effective Micro organisms

  • Living water and Ormus

If you want to get the book for free, join my email list and I’ll update you when it’s available. If you can’t work out how to join the list, post a comment, or email me 🙂


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