The Humane Star ~ ReWild and Shine bright

When we are healthy, we are inseparable from nutrient dense fresh organic food and microbial rich soils.Humane Star Rewild and Shine. How to grow nutrient dense food and shine like a Star

The reality unfortunately seems to be that most of us are not healthy or conscious, we are great at consuming, we are great at making money and enjoying ourselves, but are we really that great when we contemplate with empathy our existence, our ethics and morals and how they effect the life of sentient beings around us? Below is a short visual example of what Biochar, Effective Microorganisms, conscious waste management and living synergistically with life on Planet Earth can entail. We can essentially reverse our ecological footprints to benefit and regenerate life around us, we can co-create a wonderful and rich human experience while allowing the natural world and the myriad of sentient beings around us to profit from our gifts.

The reason why I’m so fascinated with soil and growing nutrient dense food is that by it’s very nature and the comprehension of it’s possibilities generate and usher in hope and most importantly bloom forth beneficial results for all life. We can be the change we want to see in the world! And like the analogy of being a Humane Star we can shine bright and give hope to those around us, we can give more than we take, and we can live as one with nature and cosmos when we remember we are nature and cosmos. It’s that simple! For more inspiration and information about this topic and why ReWilding ourselves within and with nature and cosmos is of vital importance, then visit Unlearn and Rewild. Listen free to some of the most thought provoking discussions available on nature and humanity, and what others are doing to be the change.

This get’s back to living in and co-creating conscious communities. When we work on ourselves and develop a Space of Love within, we can then do the same in our outer realities. It’s much more simple to unite with like minds and hearts that exist already than trying to create something from scratch. So work from within, ReWild yourself, become familiar with your ecological footprint, feel the suffering around you, give and love as best you can. I was reminded of this innate beautiful gift of empathy and how to transcend the fear and pain we feel for those around us when I went to a shop the otherday with a friend. Outside the bakery was a man, weak and clearly hungry, yet politely asking for money. My friend rather than giving him money asked if he wanted some food, he said yes please, so she bought 2 extra items and gave them to him. This small random act of kindness was beautiful to witness, his smile and appreciation shining bright, and this reminded me that small random acts of kindness and care can ripple out and create large concentric circles of beauty and transformation.

I’m in the final stages of writing an Ebook about making your own super soil and growing nutrient dense food, while restoring community and ecology at the same time. If your interested in reading the book for free please subscribe, leave a comment or email me. All I ask is a review of the book on Amazon in return. See the post

Just like a Star or Sun shining brightly towards the life spiraling around, we too can shine brightly and give freely when we give ourselves the gift of health and vitality. Our health is of critical importance, take back your power with nutrient dense food and watch the magic unfold. As Above ~ So Below





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