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If your like me your not just into Superfoods as a medicine or for Superhuman health, but for their very purpose as Food. So it’s nice to know that it’s possible to grow common fruits and vegetables in your garden so they become “Superfoods”. Ordinary fruits and vegetables can become extraordinary when we give them what they need in order to be extra ordinary, beyond organic and beyond sustainable. I guess that is the essence of the book I just wrote and published on Amazon, it’s finally complete and ready to buy.. Click here to grab the book off Amazon, or click the book Cover below.Black Gold Gardening Superfood, discover how you can grow your own Superfoods using normal fruits and vegetablesI’m sharing this because many of us believe we need to find exotic rare fruits vegetables and herbs in remote mountain tops, mystical valleys, jungle hideaways or in pills and potions. We also believe we have to pay premium prices for these exotic superfoods and to many of us this price reflects the amazing properties of these delicacies. Sure they may indeed be superfoods, but what they won’t tell you is that you can in fact grow similar high vibration foods in your own Farmacy, your own garden. Yes indeed we can grow medicinal gardens that heal our wounds and soothe our minds, but we can also grow common fruits and vegetables in a way that accentuates their nutrient density.

I’ve written about this in the book Black Gold ~ Grow your own nutrient dense food while regenerating soil and ecology. We need to remember that our food is only as vital and “Super”, as the soil it was grown in, the water it was supplied with, the resonance and connection it had with the local ecology. Most superfoods grow in soil that is abundant with effective microbes, and an abundance of soil biodiversity. Usually these soils will be rich in charcoal, they will house a cacophony of diverse lifeforms, a symphony of synergy that regenerates, nourishes and in-turn feeds the plants above.

Ultimately this cycle extends to us Humans, we ingest nutrient dense food, packed with fresh and vibrant living enzymes and we shine like the Sun! We feel Superhuman! Once we reach that stage and feeling we feel great, we have so much to give and share with the world and for me the most beneficial way to honour this feeling and cycle of energies is to give back to the local Ecology and Community. I talk about this in the book quite a bit so if your interested in understanding how you can grow your own Nutrient Dense food simply, with minimal effort I provide the keys, the gems of knowledge that will get you there much faster than it took me. Also this topic goes well and beyond food, it incorporates the Stars and the Soil, activism, spaces of love, living in harmony with nature as an intelligent conscious healthy Humane being..

If your wanting a FREE copy of the book I have it set for Friday 30th Oct – Sunday Nov 1st 2015 on Amazon to be FREE.

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Free Ebook Black Gold, healing ourselves and the ecologyIt’s a Kindle book, if you don’t have a Kindle you can view it on any device, Amazon will guide you if you need help. Above is a link to the Books page on Amazon where you can get if for FREE for just 3 days.. The idea here is the book reaches as many people as possible, sharing is caring and I hope it helps as many people as possible. If you like the book I would love to see your reviews on Amazon, these reviews are key to selling the book in the future so please help me out with that one if you can.. Click here for the review link if you can’t find it.

Of course if you feel inclined please do purchase the book, that will help the most and inspire me to write more!

Here’s an excerpt from the book..

Chapter 7. Nutrient Dense food

“We cannot separate the quality of our food from the quality of the soil that it was grown in, which cannot be separated from the quality and vitality of our health and happiness. Nutrient dense food comes from mineral and nutrient dense soil and ecology, it’s fundamental to our health and wellbeing. We need to remember food is designed to nourish our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. It’s not simply a taste bomb, nor is it designed to simply make us feel ‘full’ and content.

Nutrient dense food is basically food that is high in minerals, the higher the mineral content the higher the nutrition. Generally the higher the mineral and nutrition content of food the sweeter it is. The sugars in food contain the minerals, the higher the sugar content, the higher the mineral content, the better the taste. Most disease can literally be seen as degeneration stemming from inferior quality foods originating from soils that are of deficient in both macro and micronutrients, creating gardening flower raindrop

We are what we eat as they say, more to the point though we are as healthy and as vigorous as our soils are. The more dynamic our soils, the more fertile and abundant with effective microorganisms and minerals, the greater chance we have to ride the slipstreams of vibrant health and mental clarity. You can imagine what a diet of chemically laden foods does to the body, the lack of minerals the food has and the waste of money it is, let alone the contribution these foods have to devastating ecology and diversity

The essence here is food that is grown in soil that is abundant with minerals, nutrients and effective micro organisms and nourished by living water, natural sunlight, companion plants, animals and beneficial insects… is food that is fit for humans. We are inextricably entwined with nature, the cycles and seasons, the cosmos and the Earth. Astrology shows us this and so does living in balance and harmony with nature, we are beings of nature and stardust, we are electromagnetic beings of frequency therefore it’s critical we ingest high quality foods and liquids.”

Enjoy & Grow forth freely now with your own Super powers. Let’s paint our masterpiece, a beautiful planet created moment by moment, day by day…



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